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Yamaha Estoril 2009 1.0

Yamaha Estoril 2009 skins made by Tetae

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  1. realitychecked


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  2. Looks realy nice :thumbsup:..Thank you :)
  3. Hi, good work Could you do new skins for Came Ioda racing ?? i mean in MotoGP and Moto2 ?? I've tryied it but my suit is just quite ugly
    I need some skills in editing templates :/
  4. realitychecked


    This is not the Modding Requests Thread, man! And please stop spamming it all over the place!
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  5. What the **** is wrong with you ?! I just asked to Bush ..not to you

    And stop say thats not requests thread...i know it so **** yourself and take care of you not of me !!
    I just need somebody help or advice how to better skins
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  6. seriously, you violate the Conduct and Rules for posting requests.
    If you just ask to Bush then do this privately and not in an open Forum. You know there are PM functions.
    Yet your improper behavior flooding inadequate postings in topings that should be clean and dedicated is outragegiously dumb.
    Saying you can't do it and let have others do it for you without looking for opportunities to improve is a tremendousl disguise of time.
    IF you cannot do it on your own then learn it on your own or Keep your tongue at a Minimum.
    It is all on there in the Internet don't let People do a let me Google this for you because of laziness.
    Nothing Outstanding Comes fast.
    Rome wasn't build in a day so Keep on or stay low but don't ask People what is wrong with them just because you cannot behave and comply to given rules and underestimate the value of studying on your own and achieve rather than blaming everyone because you can't.
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  7. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium Member

    Well, then take it from me: stop it and follow the advice you've been given.

    3 day suspension since you don't seem to understand that people giving you good advice is not an invitation to insult them.

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  8. very nice :D
    great job mate ;)
  9. 1024/1024........ ? dude...we are 2013....please make them HD , the skin is allrihgt, but it looks as worse as the stock skins...