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Xenon lights for RF ??

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Michael Herrmann, May 3, 2010.

  1. hi guys

    is there a Xenon light mod out for RF like the one for GTR2 ?? or will the GTR2 one might work in
    RF too ?

    thanks in advance
  2. yeah i would also like to know aswell
  3. There isn't a xenon mod per se - but there is a light flare mod. However it is needs implementing for each mod and needs fairly good skills in 3DSMax
  4. ok thanks Ryo through it would maybe a easy think like in GTR2 where you only need to change a few .DDS
  5. You could still change the DDS and TGA files - but again it would be mod specific.
  6. hmm i will have a look with what i can come up then :) as i am nearly blind in the dark and found out with the xenon light mod for GTR2 i can see
    atleast a bit i wouldl like to have that in RF too
  7. The rF light 'glow' on the tarmac is a just a TGA file - you can easily make it longer and brighter - but you need to position it correctly also.
  8. Just adapt the GTR2 Files to rfactor, so here’s the diference:


    With “xénon”,
  9. Nice work Sergio. What a difference that makes. A must have for night driving.
  10. can you please tell us how you did this or upload it to rd thanks :)
  11. I'm working on it :)
  12. In most of the series you put this file in vehicles folder:

    Credits to Voma and Epox for the file.

    Then open the vehicle.gen file of the car you are going to use and change these lines like this:

    Moveable=True Dyn=True Active=False Pos=(0.0, 0.10, -77.2) Dir=(0.0, -0.5, -1.0) Radius=(28.0) Blend=(InvDstColor, One) Texmap=HL_2_PLR.dds

    And it's done!

    In other series like for example Endurande Series you will put the DDS file in the Vehicles/EnduranceSeries folder.
  13. Oh great work thanks you sergio this is going to be a big help thanks mate :)
  14. Hey guy's I used this link to get the files and had to dig them out off my Temp file. Lucky to find them at all. I'd recommend using the RD link.