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XD HUD in 1.50

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Zaphod Christiani, Nov 1, 2015.

  1. well XD HUD is gone for the new release :O_o:
    what alternatives are out there at the moment that feature real Delta-Time and work in 1.50?
    (I know already that rfDynHUD doesn't have delta timing.)

    BIG thanks in advance to help me get back that vital tool!!!
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  2. Same problem here :thumbsdown:
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  3. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper

    Am I right in thinking rfdynHUD doesn't work either? Just trying to get it working now.
  4. it seems that quiet a few guys are missing this great tool and some vital information that XD delivers can't be found with other working HUD's for SCE!
    that is why some guys already went ahead and wrote the creator of XD hud to ask him nicely if he would consider an update!
    if you miss this tool too, it would be great if you could drop him a line too! maybe if he gets enough messages he might get back to work for an update?!!?
    this his his email:
    but don't spam him! just let him know how useful and un-replaceable his tool is and an update would be highly appreciated!
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  5. bakermiaz


    yes I miss it badly.
    And in a weird coincidence race07 just had an update and its broken in that now too :((
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  6. well ... did anybody who wrote yako@vitumo.de got an answer?
    I wrote him twice (and even offering him some money to get to work on an update :speechless:) but no answer so far!?!
  7. Not sure that working on this is useful as a DynHUD for GSC is coming soon ;)
  8. no Delta-Timing with DynHUD!!!
    and missing the lightness of combining the most essential informations on your sim-racing screen without having any impact on performance!
    basically ... it is irreplaceable!!!
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  9. Marcel Kleene

    Marcel Kleene

    you are in the lead all the time anyway, Zaphod... you don't need any info on screen :)

    Looking forward to the in-house Reiza Hud coming soon... I trust it will be nice.
  10. It is not the DynHUD, It is based on. It is probably possible to add what you want ;-)
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  11. XD is very important . I hope they can fix
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  12. Ány news for XD developers ?
  13. Good Morning.
    I ´ve notice that DashmeterPro have a Delta timing and working in GSC.
    While there is no news about XD, believe it is an alternative.

    Sorry for English powered by google...
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  14. I don´t know because I just use GID and SPOTTER. Both are working well.
  15. tpw


    Does the spotter actually say anything during a race now?
  16. The spotter does speak, but is not working fully since GSCE v1.50.
    (He now has trouble recognising that you are leaving the pits so he doesn't say 'limiter off'. He no longer speaks to you on an out lap to tell you how times compare to pole. But on hot laps he still tells you if you are faster/slower compared to best time, plus yellow flag warnings & one or two other bits)
    During a race, he reports yellows, blues, & can report driver retirements if set up correctly.
  17. tpw


    Thanks Keith, so basically no change then. Reiza could do a hell of a lot worse than integrate a fully working version of this plugin as official content.