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XD 2.1.6

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Piotr Misiorek, May 8, 2009.

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  1. [​IMG]


  2. But does it do the 'Delta Graph'?
  3. no it doesn't have delta graph but I would say this is only disadvantage of this addon

    it's easier to operate because it's only one file and you don't have client and server so for me it's better
  4. Nice find!!

    However I dont think your comment was necessary.
  5. Hmmm pretty big disadvantage though. I'll definitely try it out of course.

    But for learning a track MotecAdd is certainly better with the Delta splits graph.
  6. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Finally! Have been waiting for this a very long time. I always ran this tool with GTR 2 in my sweet little Vertigo.

    Thanks Piotr!
  7. Downloading now... thanks! :)
  8. Cristian Haba

    Cristian Haba
    #555 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs Premium

    I have directx 9.0c and it doesn't start the game for me.
  9. Delta graph is a must have for me also.
  10. Eck Simpson

    Eck Simpson

    If you go to the website link Christian, there's a link to the Microsoft website and the latest dx update. They say its required, for the prog.

    Just a heads up gents, this now works in GTL/GTR2/Race07 and Evo. Its newer, than the version I had in GTR2. It also seems, to do self setup. I didn't have to move any parts around, in any game.
  11. Thanks for XD 2.0, one question though, is it possible to enable and disable display's of this mod through an ini file, like turn off driver list or other parts, and also maybe move them to display where the user would like on screen.
  12. omg i was so waiting for this :) thank you verry much
  13. yes it's possible to do this things, there are many useful options at ini file so you can adjust it for your preference :)
  14. Thank you very much for this nice addition much welcomed.:)
  15. Rob Goldthorpe

    Rob Goldthorpe
    @ Simberia @Simberia

    This works on Win 7 too.

    But I'll be using MotecAdd out of personal Preference.
  16. Paulo Ribeiro

    Paulo Ribeiro
    Animals and Racing Lover

    XD Tool

    I installed XD file in GTRevo folder but nothing changed.
    As a no PC expert, i might need some help. :)
    What am i doing wrong? I have the correct directX (i guess).
    Thanks for the help.

  17. You placed the d3d9.dll in steamapps/race07 folder?

    If so, the only other solution is to try the latest DirectX.
  18. Paulo Ribeiro

    Paulo Ribeiro
    Animals and Racing Lover

    Thanks for the quick reply Ryan. :wink2:
    I was placing the XD file into GTREVO folder. That's what i was doing wrong.

  19. Silly boy :p
  20. Paulo Ribeiro

    Paulo Ribeiro
    Animals and Racing Lover

    Installed d3d9.dll file correctly, installed last directX 9.0c from March/2009
    but the game doesn't begin. :woot2:

    So i uninstalled the d3d9.dll file and the game is running again. :poke:

    No XD tool, but running again.

    Silly PC noob. :honk:
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