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XD 2.1.3

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Ivo Simons, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. Updated!

    It's an addon for GTL/GTR2/Race07/GTR-Evo (Steam only! Version: which lets you display some useful informations whilst driving.
    In Particular:

    MoTeC Data

    • Tyretemperatures (In/Mid/Out)
    • Tyrewear
    • Tyrepressure
    • Enginetemperatures (Water/Oil)
    • Braketemperatures
    • Engine Health
    Session Info
    • Track- and ambienttemperature
    • Session length (remaining time in a practice session or laps in race)
    • Fuelconsumption (for last lap / average)
    Advanced Timingstable
    • Driverslist and their postion
    • During practice the fastest laps are displayed
    • In Race the gaps are displayed according to yourself. These times are updated every second or by sector change (can be customized)
  2. Great~!! thanks a lot.
  3. TNX i was feeling bad without any info of my car
  4. Finely it is here Time to beat Ivo's time :mean:
  5. thank you....in past i run without it but after that i try it, now i can't play without!!! :D
  6. I cant race without XD.
    Good thing this is back! Excellenttttt

    Because Im always wondering how my tyres are doing..
  7. Is there a button to switch this on and off? Sorry if I sound dumb just tried this on one of my installs and it seems to be on all the time?

    Ok - found the XD.ini file that gets created in the Race07 folder (where this mod is installed) and have edited it - which is a LOT easier than it sounds - not tested yet but changing that 220 figure to 192 - which the .ini file explains should mean that I can now switch on/off with the '\' ... I think...

    I will post again if I have a problem, otherwise I recommend trying this - NOTE that the one in the RD Downloads section is apparently an older version so you have to visit the site for this version.
  8. Anyone solved the problem with Steam chat not working once this is installed???? Well chat works but you have to Alt + Tab back to desktop - not good at 160mph on the straight, even worse mid bend!!!
  9. pls yako... we need you... :)