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XD 2.0.2.

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Ivo Simons, Sep 5, 2009.

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  1. It's an addon for GTL/GTR2/Race07/GTR-Evo (Steam only! Version: which lets you display some useful informations whilst driving.
    In Particular:

    MoTeC Data

    • Tyretemperatures (In/Mid/Out)
    • Tyrewear
    • Tyrepressure
    • Enginetemperatures (Water/Oil)
    • Braketemperatures
    • Engine Health
    Session Info
    • Track- and ambienttemperature
    • Session length (remaining time in a practice session or laps in race)
    • Fuelconsumption (for last lap / average)
    Advanced Timingstable
    • Driverslist and their postion
    • During practice the fastest laps are displayed
    • In Race the gaps are displayed according to yourself. These times are updated every second or by sector change (can be customized)

  2. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    AHh cheers!!
  3. any idea if this shows you how much rain there is on the track?
  4. If it's dry there is nothing behind the track temp. If it's damp there appears a (H) after the temp. And if it's wet there appears a (W). If there is heavy rain there appears a (AP) or something like that. :)
  5. Any chance of an offline version?
  6. Hmmm, maybe a stupid question, but I noticed a difference between the tire wear displayed by XD, and the tire wear when you are calling the pit menu. Something like a 50% difference.
    For instance, after tonight long run, XD displayed:
    14.56 13.12
    14.11 15.17
    While the pit says (remaining health):
    77 79
    77 74

    Also, I have a doubt about the engine status, sometimes I am starting at 40%, sometimes 68% till 100%. It is very random.

    Can someone reproduce these behaviours ?
  7. If it's 40 or 68 or something else that's the new 100%.
    It shows not always correct. But your engine is 100% even when it starts at 68 or something. Just like i said the 68 is the new 100. :)

    I don't "trust" the Evo wear. Because if you run a mod or a add on track the tyre wear is not accurate anymore and it's with XD. :)
  8. I just see my steam update,
    And race 07 have update to
  9. Yup here to. Now we need to wait for the update for XD. :)
  10. Where do you install this app???
  11. Just put it i your main race 07 folder. But it will not work ingame now because the tool need to be upgraded for the new patch. :)
  12. Hmmm, did Simbin change something for the engine health , or is it XD which is reading incorrectly the value ?

    And for tire wear, I am not following you. Can we trust the Evo (pit menu) values, or XD ? I though pit-menu can't be wrong at all, because it's Simbin software :)

    And yes, I am using a mod (STC).
  13. XD just gives it a number. But don't worry you always start with 100% engine health only XD gives is a 70 or something.

    The tyres.

    I have alot of times that i am already sliding all over the place and XD gives me the info that the tyres a for 23% gone. That's quit normal if you sliding all over the place with such a loss of tyre wear. But when i pitted Evo said there was only 11% gone. Wich it's quit weird for me because with with 11% loss you will not slide all over the place.

    The difference was more crazy when is uses a add on track and/or a mod.
    I don't know the reason because i am not that technical. But i noticed it. :)
  14. For touring cars XD roughy shows half the tire degradation of in-game. And in-game is right haha!

    I just uses XD for tyre, water and oil tempertures and fuel consumption. For more detail I use RTT.

    I have no way of getting MotecAdd, I wish I could, anyone fancying paying for it for me? :D
  15. Is this for the patch or 1.2.13?
  16. this one is for the last version and needs an update to run under
  17. Well, 5 datas (4 tires + engine) displayed by XD are not to be trusted :(
  18. you can trust the engien showing if it goes to zero the car is death regardless where it started if at 100% or at 35%
  19. yeah the engine doesn't matter at what valor it starts the car it's always at 100% also if you start with a 11%, 89%, 94%, 35%, etc.....but if this number start to going down than it said that you got a problem to the engine and when this number arrive to 0% you will se your engine firing.......just try to run some laps with radiator 1 and you will see that the number start do going now fast!!! ;) also in some mods you will see that valor going down really fast if you don't drive properly!!! ;)

    about the tyres i think that XD is better than the pit menu and you can see your tyres wear while running that is very usefull for spare tyres during a race!!! ;)
  20. I just run with the pit menu up for most of the race, lets you see what's happening in terms of tyre wear and saves you hunting for it when you might be in the thick of the race.
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