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XBOX360 Official MS Wheel

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by boxy, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. boxy



    I'm struggling to control the car in F1 2012 and understand that this could actually be down to my driving style and not the game. I'm suffering from a light back end no matter what setup I use etc I seem to lose the back end coming out of slow medium/slow corners. For example in Australia I will easily spin coming out of corner 3 and 8 but not 10 (the last corner before the pit entry). I have tried adjusting my style considerably, not turning aggressively, not slamming down the accelerator etc but I randomly seem to just lose the back end. I can do 3 laps perfectly then the 4th lap I do exactly the same and boom, I'm facing the wrong way.

    So, I was wondering if anyone had a good set up they are using for the MS Wheel that I could try, I want to eliminate as many things as possible so the only thing that can be at fault is me.

    I don;t find I have this issue with the top end cars just the lower end cars in the career mode.

    Any help would be amazing . . .
  2. Kenya Coleman

    Kenya Coleman

    With this wheel having the toughness of an egg shell, I usually disable all FFB settings. However, with this game you must have your FFB settings set as high as you or your wheel can take. I have waaay more control over the car now and can feel when I am about to lose grip.


    Steering Saturation: 5

    Steering Linearty: 50

    All else at 0

    Force Feedback Settings:

    Environmental: 60

    Force Feed Back Setting: 100

    Wheel Weight: 80
  3. boxy




    Kenya - this is fantastic. Has changed the game for me, thanks so much for sharing.
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