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Xbox Online Race with no TCS/ABS - Guaging Interest

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Chris Rees, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. Hi peeps.

    Just wanting to know who would be interested in racing online with no assists if a race was to be set up. Theres no point me setting up a race in the racing club section at this point if no one would be interested.

    Guaging/Gauging = the same thing :)
  2. If you make an exeption for the brake line Im in :)
  3. pffffff... just brake at the 100m boards. :)

    Cant say i have much of a problem with braking line tho, it doesnt assist in the way that TCS and ABS does.
  4. i'm deff in, tho, re braking line, wont we have the same problem as in the TTs in that it counts as an assist an thereby cant tell who's using which assists ! Not aimed at you Marcel but we don't know if this will become popular an attract many thereby, making any assists impossible to monitor, That said, it'd be good to have an online race without the NUMPTIES spoiling it, the reason i havn't raced online once since getting F1
  5. Mike, the host of the online race can set what can be used and what cant be used in the options. You will then be able to go into your assists options when you enter the room and see what is restricted etc..
  6. I would be up for it when I make rooms with no assists it empties pretty quick after people see the options :D And to stop people using any assists.
    Mike you just have to ban them and the user cant select them and they are turned off for that race by the host.
  7. David, tell me about it.

    I play with this bloke from the midlands every other evening, he always has all assists banned in the room and you would not believe how little interest we get. People just leave straight away or start the race cause an accident into the first corner and then pull out.
  8. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    I would be interested if the timing is right.... been wondering about trying some online stuff so would defo be up for it at some point.
  9. Yeah it is bad Chris, it makes me laugh how you start the field with 8 or so and by the second corner you are on your own, because people did not read the game setting's, just jumped in and didn't think :D !
  10. I must admit im just amazed in general the amount ppl out there that are just not interested in playing this game without the use of aids. Esspecially Traction Control, for me theres no enjoyment in just flooring the throttle out of a corner without the chance of spinning out if not fed in properly. The best is in the wet and trying to get the power down, takes proper concentration.
  11. It is pretty difficult with xbox control pad, but I am a glutton for punishment so I'll give it a try, if the time difference works!!!
  12. I use the 360 pad on my pc and find it quite okay, was a little while to get the hang of it but now would not go back, I tried the other day with just medium TC and I spun out more trying that again, because my throttle control reaction's were non TC :D weird but true, the TC could not handle my input tea hee made me giggle :D
  13. Given the nature of the xbl message i sent you a week or so ago, I figure it is a no-brainer that I'm in - I actually would prefer to race with the assists banned, but nobody wants to play that way. boo.
  14. Thanx for that Chris, didn't realise the host could set parameters for all, i agree, its sad about lack of interest in not playin without assists but viva le difference !
  15. Yeh thanks for that message Justin, think i replied but cant remember :)

    No worries Mike, if you dont play online much you wouldnt really know.
  16. Im really interested in racing with all aids banned. Ill be back home in a couple of days, (cant wait to sim drive after being away for 2 weeks) so count me in when/if you organize such races !!