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Xbox - Framerates Stuttering at Monaco

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Peter Hooper, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Hi all,

    Just a quick question for any of you Xbox owners out there.

    Does anyone else get really bad stuttering at the exit of the swimming pool complex in the Practice mode of a Grand Prix. I find it makes accurately taking this section so difficult and causes me to misjudge the exit way too often. There is also stuttering at the final corner but nowhere near as bad as the swimming pool. Ironically when in a race I don't get the problem at all, even at the start of a race when a lot of the cars are going through there very close together.

    I assumed that this would be something all Xbox oweners of this game must be suffering from but the reply to my question about this in a thread on the Xbox Championship seems to indicate otherwise. As there is no way to alter the graphics load it seems I am stuck with this problem unless someone else here has a solution.

  2. James Chant

    James Chant

    Yup, it's always done that. Because it's behind the Pit land (which is backwards to normal) so too much to render at once if majority of cars in garage etc.
  3. PC version also, same prob.
  4. I've played the game on PS3 and PC and this issue exists there also. However, a pair of 6950s at 1920x1080 will solve the problem :wink:
  5. I experience exactly the same thing...On xbox
  6. Well that answers a lot of questions.

    Do we think it will improve with F1 2011 coming out?
  7. its quite simple for the PC version just turn down some gfx options on Monaco, ie crowd, and distant objects and it will preform a little better, as for the Xbox , well your all a bunch of tits for buying something you cant upgrade or change significant settings on your loss :p
  8. LOL thanks for the compliment...But your right, and I am going back to PC pretty soon. Bought the xbox because friends were playing on it, but I hate it.
  9. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Thanks for the comments.. glad to know that it is not just someinthg I am struggling with!!

    My own reasons for having it on the Xbox are that my PC simply cannot handle it (it's around 7 years old…) and I am in no financial position to go out and buy a new PC. Knowing this and knowing how much I really wanted the game my wife went out and bought me a second hand Xbox and the game. It's the first console I have ever had as all my previous sim racing experience has come on the PC (GP1-4, GPL, GTR, Toca, Nascar, Indycars, etc… you name them I have had them). I do miss the option to be able to improve the game with all the great mods out there and to be able to create replays, etc. but the Xbox is giving me a great deal of pleasure despite it's drawbacks and so you won’t get too many criticisms of it from me.

    Jean I hope that doesn’t mean that you are goingto be disappearing from our Championship some time soon :(
  10. No no, I won't quit ! It's a great championship, to restrain the frustration I just tell myself that my car is not reliable this season