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XBOX Forza 5 League -- LET'S DO IT!!

Discussion in 'Forza Motorsport 5' started by Rob, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Between 3pm-4pm GMT

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  3. Between 6pm and 8pm GMT

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  1. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium Member

    Guys, there has to be a way to get this going. Out of all the membership doesn't anyone want to race in a league on Forza 5? xbox?

    I know about three others who probably would @Marcin Siewierski @Peter Evans and a good friend of mine who just got next gen and the game and loves it.

    Who else? I don't care about the cars and the tracks (other than it being no assists) as long as there is some interest.

    Please respond if you have any interest at all. If don't right, it's a great time.
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  2. We can try it, I will have couple guys too. Are You ready to rock? :cool:
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  3. Aye, could do.. Especially now the winter is here and I will be in ALL the time when not in work
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  4. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium Member

    Ready to rock your Forza loving ass off. My old racing buddy is one fast ass motherfu^ker. Hope you bring some of your Polish Kubica-esque takent.

    All we really need is a handful of dedicated guys to have some fun. It's a shame folks on here (with next gen) have not taken to this. I mean it's the ONLY car game out there, for fuc*s sake.
  5. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium Member

    ...And especially since we ALL hate assists...lol.
  6. I will drop an idea here and there, should be loads of fun. I'm thinking over V8 supercar series.
  7. William Wester

    William Wester
    Premium Member

    Some of it comes down to a matter of time and preference. I have Forza 3-4-5 but if I find the time for racing online it's an easy choice - AC, GSCE, or R3E/DTM. If all I had was FM5 then yes I would be joining. That's not knocking FM, it just comes down to choices and personal preference.
    In general RD user base is weighted much more to the sim racer crowd, there are other forums geared more towards the console crowd.
  8. What do you have in mind Robert? People running the same cars? A choice of car restricted to a certain PI? Or any car to a total PI?

    I have a bunch of people I could invite. Some wouldn't because of the time difference, but I know a few would be interested. Played a few lobbies with Marcin and there wasn't much respect which dampened the experience... But I've organised a bunch of races where people appreciate that racing is by and large a mostly no contact sport (within reason obviously), and they have been a rush to race in when there's a few of you and you're all pumping in similar lap times. That being said, all should be welcome. We used to welcome anybody so long as they played by the rules

    Maybe we'll have a look at what's the best way forward. Weekends would probably be better for me as I'm never in the mood to race after work. I would do weekdays, but would prefer weekends. Lots of tracks now to choose from, which is nice.. We'll see what we can cook up.. I'll get in touch with a few friends and see what they can do
  9. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium Member

    Peter, I'd say as open as possible on the car choice and as closed as possible on the assists side. Where that falls, I'm not sure. If opening certain assists will allow more to join, that's fine, but I don't buy the argument that "assists make you slower" as all you have to to is look at the leaderboards for the answer there. But cars? Yea....something like "A class anything you want, here's the track, and away we go" kind of thing. As for rules, I'm not interested in enforcing them (as you seem to have to do with Forza) but I'm also not keen on having a demolition derby. How that gets sorted is up to the folks involved I guess. Many leagues hold a qualifying session and then a pace lap to race, but that's probably too complicated, unless someone wants to keep track of all that stuff. Random grids and longish races may work to overcome that if everyone is clean as they can be and enforces their own self imposed penalties when they think they have done wrong.

    Peter, I think you and I are pretty clear that we would rather not play with folks who think this is a NASCAR event or that touching other cars to nudge and pass is okay. Because there is no penalty system in Forza, nay, not even a flag system, we need very clean guys. Those who would rather come in 2nd than take a chance at ruining someone's race. What also helps is being on mic, which I admit is a problem for me since I don't have Kinect.

    As for times, Saurdays are Autosport for me and Sundays are another Forza league for me. But I can race twice on Saturday as long as it's earlier than 2ish my time.

    Weekdays would be difficult, but not impossible, as I work nights. So I'd be willing to race before work around 7 your time. I think we are both on the same page here.
  10. I just dropped message to few quick and clean racers. We do only no assists with cocpit cam, my idea was V8 supercars stock with setup. Saturdays or sundays are for league racing. It will be hard to find compromise Robert, how You will race FM5, Autosport, F1 2014. Time zone will be also a problem for You.
  11. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium Member

    No time zone will not be a problem if we race on weekdays around 7pm British. Many leagues race on days other than Saturdays and Sundays, but I can even do a Saturday if the race is earlier in the evening/day on Saturday (see above).

    Also, I'd rather not have a one car league. There are too many good choices that are beautifully rendered in Forza 5 for that. My preference would be ("Z" class...do what you want...no assists).
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  12. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium Member

    @Marcin Siewierski, @Peter Evans, @William Wester, @kat, @rauf00, @Ryan Ogurek, @Garry Pullen, @Mark Reynolds, @Gabriel Sterr, @Ricky78, @Andy Jackson, @Daz Webb

    Since the Autosport series is now every other Saturday (to get more of the F1 crowd) and I am not running F1 2014 because I think it's a piece of crap, what would you think about a league that ran on alternate Saturdays (we can work the time out, but I'm game for anything) that the xbox F1 league HAS a race? That way we will not get burned out and will have two week in between.

    I'd propose a continuous series of non-open wheel cars, picked at a certain level (e.g. We start with C class and move through the tracks, then do the same do B Class, etc.) and then take the REAL tracks in order as they appear in the game. You can tune your car any way you want and you can pick any car you want, at any level within the class, as long as it has a roof and fenders. The F1 league starts next Sunday, so maybe I'll take a stab at making a trial run this Saturday. I'll put a poll up as to the best time, and go from there. You can pick as many times as you want. I'll be available all day most days but would need a backup in case I could not make it.

    Assists off, except for gears (I don't have a clutch on my pedals). Any view. Two Races. FIRST = Random start. Staggered start, then bunch up at 60mph after pace lap to prevent first corner mayhem, leader yells "green green green" and race starts when leader crosses start line. About 30 mins or equivalent in laps, with mandatory pit stop anytime.
    SECOND = About 15 minutes, standing start, random order.

    We would crown a champion after every class is finished and then, if we get that far, we can move to open wheel. Attendance is no big deal, but driver sign ups would be posted. Mostly just for fun, but would like drivers to be able to make at least 1/2 the races.

    I'll do a short write up and driver sign up after the poll is closed middle of next week.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2014
  13. this get any kind of start up?? i have forza now :)
  14. Rob

    XBO: OctoberDusk06 Premium Member

    See other post.
  15. Still not clear on what's going on with Forza 5. Is there league? Lobby meets? Whatever the case, I would like in if possible.
  16. Im In for forza 5! xbox screen name is yoshijoe14 we should start one on project cars when it comes out!
  17. Word up! Thanks YJ. I have $20 reserved for Project Cars on Xbox1. They can take their time. My Xbox1 is in the den so I have limited access to it at times (Pacific Time Zone).
    If you beat me to the friend request, my gamertag is: roist510