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Xbox Cup and Championship Mid-Season Review

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Chris Hempsall, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Hi guys. I've put these on the xbox forums, but wanted to put it on the general F1 2011 forum as well. Hopefully it will help to promote our league.


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  2. love the opening credits looks well flahs, however the footage rec from peoples CAmeras? really? it looks naff dude, and whats with the music it's on it's off, editing could do with some love, and i wouldnt put other peoples cam croder footage up, id rather NOT see it LOL, capture cards are like £20 dude! get your team mates to spend some money!

    i record all our leaguey races and it's done using a crappy DVC 100, and it looks better than those cam corder shots, just sayin!!!

    but your opening stuff is spot on dude, very very nice.... then cam corder footage.. SIGH

    look at these in 60hz using just the yellow phono lead to capture
    £20 setup, get your guys to sort thier lives out! yours im guessing is fine, if you can do an opener like that!

  3. I record using a capture card (You can see some of my footage int he video, or go to Fatgingeandthebold on youtube for full videos and commentary ;) )

    I don't think there is nothing wrong with recording for a camera though, quality seems fine, and you can see what is happening, thats all you need.
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  4. i beg to differ dude, angled screen sounds from poeple slamming their paddales when changing gears? Hmmm not exactly great, i get ya i really do, your stuff like i said is FINE, well flash lovin it, but the cam corder cap side on shots, yeah it's clear but it looks awful, like i said my opinion.. audio needs a bit of a tweek, no sound then half way thru sound, then no sound again? positive crit mate only positives, im not flaming ya ;-)
  5. excuse spelink miscakes, typing with fat fingers on andriod phone ;-)
  6. Gavin Hendley

    Gavin Hendley

    Akira it not about the quality, it's more about seeing the race from other peoples perspective. Some people put a lot of time and effort into recording, editing, compressing and uploading videos. Not everyone has the money to splash out on laptops and capture cards. So show a little respect and just be greatful people are making the effort.
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  7. if they can comrpess and upload videos then they have a PC no? if so it's only £20 for a capture card, and yes it's nice to get other racers perpesctives, but that still dont take away the FACT, that recording a TV is rubbish... sorry but it is! no disrespect, im trying to improove his mid season vids, like i said the begingin production value is awsome really really like it, you think hang on a min this is done professionaly, then u see shody crappy TV recordings, side ways on, with click click clap clap of the paddle shifts and the rumbles of the persons steering wheel on the desk, it IS poor! no matter what you say or think, thats my opinion, u don't have to like it.
  8. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    Sorry but I beg to differ. I have enjoyed all the videos that people contribute whether they be from capture cards or camcorders. Not everyone has money to spend on a capture card (£20 may be a small amount of money to you but to some it is money they can ill afford to spend on a hobby that already costs a fair bit) but what they do have is the time and commitment to capture the race footage in whatever way they are able and to edit, compress and upload it for others to enjoy.

    Your constructive criticism is fine but it's unfair to criticise guys who endeavour to provide a little insight into their races by whatever means they have available regardless of the depth of their pockets.

    Thats my opinion....
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  9. Gavin Hendley

    Gavin Hendley

    At the end of the day he is only trying to promote the league not win an Oscar.
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  10. Peter Hooper

    Peter Hooper

    I also have no problem with the audio.. it's constant all the way through the video no break in the sound at all so I am not sure what your comment regarding that is about Akira.

    NIce job Chris, really enjoyed that and good promo of the leagues :)

  11. No i am mistaken first time round it was streaming with no audio, i couldnt hear the song, it cut in half way through video then cut out again, but the images were constant, played again and ALL music audio was there, so i stand corrected ;-) AUSIO is fine ;-)
  12. and that's fine, i never said stop making videos stop uploading them and stop promoting your league, i know he's not trying to win an oscar. However the side on recorded view with black TV outlines looks shoddy compared to his efforts and the quality of his captures and the quality of the begining, i think it's awesome, let down by others attempts to capture. i understand £20 might not be cheep for all, but it's hardly breaking the bank now is it? not considering the game cost twice as much so it's not out of the price range.

    We could go on n on n on about the merits of this that and the other,

    end of the day, to say it's fine and to say it;s just as good,when it aint! clearly i was trying to help him make his viedo even tighter. and if you go back and have a look at whoever was recording the ferrari footage, you telling me that doesnt look awful comapred to the rest? then u need glasses ;-) i think it looks awful. the guy himself is cool, love his opening style really do, can't slate that whatso ever, but build a Ferrari kit car from scratch, put all that love and attention to it and then go out and fit it with the cheepest kwick fit tyres on the makret, WHY? all i is saying. not slated the racers driving not slated the guys production values, slating the side on shots with tv sitll in focus not just the screen and that Ferrari footage? really? maybe you guys settle for less?

    u have to understand im not flaming or slating him the guys done good, he just needs to get his other drivers on the case, then they could have some of the best f1 footage on line, and go for it i say, we need more good guys doing the edits. If he's promoting his league then dont you want the best?

    Case in point, one of our gusy dropped £180 on the HD capture card, then maoned about replacing a £4 HDMI lead that broke? so for most of our SE1, it was only me recording. and capturing any spectaor shots i could to get another perspective. If only we could have a 17th person join a lobby just to spectate, then i could have someone just doing captures while the races are going on.
  13. Thanks for your positive criticism Akira.

    Unfortunately I can't choose what other people send me. I'm getting a capture card sorted myself and Dylan already uses one, but that's only 2 drivers from 32 in our 2 league's.

    I like to think it's enjoyable for everyone to see other's perspective. I don't mind watching from a TV recording if I can, for instance, see an incident from another drivers perspective.

    I made the video with clips from 10 different drivers, and that is the footage they had. I wasn't prepared to just put footage caught with a capture card, as then a lot of the guys vids wouldn't have been used. I also can't be expecting everyone to go out and buy a Capture Card, as it's not viable to some.

    I understand the things you have pointed out, and appreciate that you have taken the time to give me your view on the video. I know your trying to be positive, and that's only a good thing.

    Hopefully quality will improve by next season. I have just started recording this season and I'm trying my best to make entertaining video's and race edit's.

    Please look out for future vids, and again, thanks.
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  14. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    This thread is a prime example of why i love this forum. And why i stopped visiting the CM forum regularly.
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  15. I don't even go on CM forum anymore. Just people moaning and arguing.
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  16. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    Its also instructive to note that until about 2 months ago we had no footage whatsoever!
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