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Xbox 360

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Rob Shillito, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. Seems ive had another disk drive fail on me. This 360 is only 3 months old and the one before it was only 1 week old.

    Just hope that Game will swap it under the warranty ive got with them again.
  2. User Error!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. lol, yeah - it takes disks, not TOAST! hehe.

    to be honest, it is unusual to have this happen. plenty of probs re red rings, but never this, and I have had mine since the day of release!
  4. how can it be user error? i always use the button to open and close it, never push it shut, its always lead down and never moved and if it is moved then it will either be turned off or without a disk in it.

    I was playing Call of Duty 4 last night and the laser that reads the disk started to make a lot of noise so i took the disk out, put another game in to see if it was just the COD4 disk but i put Race Pro in, played for all of 30 seconds and the cd drive started banging around and it froze.
  5. sure does sound like user error from here.... [​IMG]
  6. Bram

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #27 Staff Member Premium Member

    Rob how long is the waranty on your xbox?
  7. 2 years i think so i'll take it back to the shop at the weekend see what they say, normally they do a straight swap
  8. Unless you bought an extended warranty from GAME its usually 1 year which is standard for UK shops. I had two red rings in twelve months a few years ago and the first unit GAME took it back no problem (though the manager tried to alter my receipt by hand to take a month off) The second time he refused and said I had to go to Microsoft for my warranty repair even though it was inside twelve months from purchase. It was in the January sales so the shop was full to the rafters with customers waiting for the checkout so I raised my voice enough to be heard and told him the service was shocking and that I wanted the details of his immediate superior at their head office to make a complaint. He wilted under the gaze from all the shoppers and agreed to a replacement :)
  9. I did buy an extended warranty from Game when i bought it in February
  10. Should just be a straight swap then. After I had my second RROD I traded in the third unit for a PS3 but a while ago decided to pick up a 360 again and bought a 3 year warranty from Argos for peace of mind.
  11. I love it when it says "please put this disc in an XBOX 360".

    What do you think I did with it, put it in a frigging washing machine?
  12. lol yeah the Xbox 360 doesnt know what it is
  13. In the EU you have 2 years of warranty since 2002. No matter what the producers or store says. You just have those 2 years.

    Oh, and you made a deal with the store, not with MS!! So you just should've told this to the store owner, as you are in yer right.

    Let's see if i can find the English document.. Dutch source is no problem..

    Not the judgial tezt, but well

    Some better text

    And a specific English one:

    The retailer you're talking about fails.