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Xbox 360 wheel setup help

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Kris Simpson, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. Hi all

    Im hoping someone of you more experienced players can help me with my wheel setup. im new to racing sims and although i have the game ive been unable to play it for the past week due to RL reasons. when i was playing tho i couldn't get the feel right on the wheel spins didnt come through the wheel and hittig the crebs kicked the wheel out of the window (joke). so I'm asking for you guys who either use the same wheel or a wheel on xbox to post you settings so i can copy them and try and get it right.

    i also read somewhere to lower the brakes saturation (i think) as i cant lock the brakes. i must admit i was finding it hard to slow the car down for bends will this sort that issue?

    as for acceleration should i do the same ?

    please help guys as i said I'm new so need some help

    thanks in advance
  2. Hi I'm using an Xbox 360 wireless controller and i'm not encountering any type of problems, I had do reduce a bit the deadzone and the saturation of the controller , just to make it less sensytive during tight corners.

    To do this, make a backup of the actionMapPreset6 files stored in the actionmap dir and in a new one modify these values

    <Action actionName = "Accelerate" >
    <Axis axisName = "win_con_xi_buttonRightTrigger" deviceName = "win_xinput" baseCalibration = "uniDirectionalPositive" deadZone = "0.9" saturation = "1.6" />
    <Action actionName = "Brake" >
    <Axis axisName = "win_con_xi_buttonLeftTrigger" deviceName = "win_xinput" baseCalibration = "uniDirectionalPositive" deadZone = "0.9" saturation = "1.6" />
    <Action actionName = "Hand Brake" >
    <Axis axisName = "unmapped" deviceName = "win_xinput" baseCalibration = "uniDirectionalPositive" />
    <Action actionName = "Steer Left" >
    <Axis axisName = "win_con_xi_analogLeftStickX" deviceName = "win_xinput" baseCalibration = "biDirectionalLower" deadZone = "0.6" saturation = "1.2" />
    <Action actionName = "Steer Right" >
    <Axis axisName = "win_con_xi_analogLeftStickX" deviceName = "win_xinput" baseCalibration = "biDirectionalUpper" deadZone = "0.6" saturation = "1.2" />

    these shown are my settings , you can work around in order to find your best setting for the 360 controller

    Bye :)
  3. sorry is this for PC or Xbox? i forgot to mention im using a xbox my bad
  4. i use a logitech drive fx in the 360. i left acc deadzone at default 100 and brake deadzone at 80, brake seems slightly more responsive this way. changing steering deadzone to 0 and linearity to 50 made the wheel perfectly match in-game movement and i'm pretty happy with this setting. i can't help you with force feedback tho, it seems to be stronger in M$ wheel and i didn't even find a setting wich made me happy with mine.
  5. cheers i will give that a try, does the steering dead zone 0 not make it hard to drive straight?
  6. i struggled a bit at first with no deadzone, but you get used to it, it feels way better now. also, i can't feel any feedback/wheel weight when i set a deadzone and the wheel is centered in, it's horrible.
  7. XBOX360 Microsoft Wireless Wheel

    Has anyone got some setups for this wheel.

    I'd just like to know if I'm in the right ballpark re deadzones and saturation etc


  8. Advanced Wheel settings?

    I just got an Xbox 360 Force Feedback Racing Wheel and am trying out varioius in-game settings for it. I looked around but didn't find any posts here about settings that people use. Any suggestions on what settings I should have to get the most out of it?
  9. Hi Mike

    I'm using the following settings for a while now

    Adv Settings
    St deadz 0%
    St Sat 100%
    St Lin 40%
    Thr Dead 0%
    THr Sat 100%
    Br Dead 0%
    Br Sat 100%

    FFB Options
    Env eff 50%
    Feedb St 100%
    Wheel W 50%

    If you are struggling with these settings in the beginning you can bring down FFB strenght to 70 or 80.

    Good Luck!
  10. Many Thanx

    Many many many thanx :redface::D Marcel, I had been using the MS wheel for my career in a Virgin, an had even had my first pole pos and race win at Montreal, so not to bad, til i got to Silverstone (my home GP) an try as i may i couldn't get under 140 :mad::confused: i had tried someone elses wheel settings to get down to 140 after bein stuck around 150 but still a mile away, anyway (waffle waffle lol) loaded yr recommended settings an with a few tweakages to downforce etc, i very soon got down to 133.7 :bang::woot: so once again thanx for taking the time to post , i'm a Mike to, Spooky :ghost::thanks: