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Xbox 360 controller setup

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Chocoflo, May 7, 2015.

  1. So, after not playing the game for a while I was very disappointed to face the same unbearable gamepad handling as it was many builds before. The car is almost impossible to control trying to drive fast and keep up with the opponents at the same time. It’s clear the game should limit the steering angle depending on speed so I could maintain the balance between vehicle stability and cornering, but it doesn’t.
    There are bunch of options and yet not a single explanation what do these titles stand for. And what is confusing me even more is the fact I was unable to find any actual tips on gamepad setup, since standard settings are terrible. I bet console players are pretty much ok with their handling and I’m not the only one on PC struggling to get a normal handling. So why should I spend hours (considering you can’t change controls directly from the race) testing different combinations of settings, trying to find out, how do they work in the first place and which will suit me best? Speed sensitivity? Filtering? And what advanced options are for? It looks like the devs simply don’t care about it. They didn’t even provide any decent presets for the controller. Steering deadzone of 48%? seriously?
    This kind of attitude makes me really angry. If it was intended to be like this, why didn’t they warned me that the game is for wheel owners only? Anyways, I’m looking forward to any help. If you could save me some nerves, please do. :unsure:
  2. Its not just PC. I'm having real issues with controller on xbox too.
    I simply cannot make minor steering corrections at speed.

    And turning speed sensitivity helps until you slow down below a certain speed and then I get an aggressive snap over steer occur.
    Not happy at the moment.
  3. Thanks for the speed sensitivity recommendation. I'm having this issue as well. Please post if you find a fix. I've tried controller sensitivity and speed sensitivity and it's less jerky than it was but still not as smooth as R3E or AC with my controller.
  4. im on xbox, pretty driable after some practice,i went mode 3 and dialed the stick sensitivity up a few notches because in open wheel races i was getting bad understear, after a hour of so i can now in where as before i couldnt keep it on the track. practice practice practice ;)
  5. After 3 hours im finding it really hard to control with pad on the xbox one controller :(
  6. I think I've cracked it.
    Anything related to steering turn to zero. With exception of
    Controller filtering sensitivity - 100
    Force feedback - 100
    Then turn advanced on and you get 3 more options. Turn these on. It takes a few laps but its the best I've come across.

    I know it sounds mental, but sometimes mental things just work.
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  7. Amazing Job Chris. I've just tested and I've still got the slightest bit of oversteer at lower speeds but it's far better than it was. Brilliant job!!! Can you see if you can stop the AI from running into the back of me now?
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  8. My settings below have received a lot of praise from users, so I strongly suggest anyone who isn't pleased with the gamepad handling to take a look.

    Throttle Deadzone: 0%
    Throttle Sensitivity: 30%
    Brake Deadzone: 10%
    Brake Sensitivity: 15%
    Controller Filtering Sensitivity: 50% (you should try different values to see what you like best). A higher value means smoother (less twitchy) steering but it can cause input lag.
    Steering Deadzone: 5-10% (it depends on how worn your left stick is, 5% seems fine to me)
    Steering Sensitivity: 0
    Speed Sensitivity: 60-65%
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  9. Will thouse settings be ok on xbox one console with controller as well you think ? cheers
  10. Ive taken it one step further now and improved it more.
    Set everything to 0. And I mean everything, throttle, brakes the lot.
    Turn off advanced settings.
    Then just turn speed sensitivity upto 80.

    I think the settings where you turn things up are intended for wheels. And when you actually set them to zero it turns that particular setting off.
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  11. You know the advanced settings, if that is off, are the greyed out values discarded ?, or do you still have to manually set them to all off you think ?
  12. No it sets them to a default. I cant remember what the 3 advanced options are but when you turn it off it locks it as.

  13. Thats what i thought, so do i set them all to off then ?
  14. Im useing xbox one controller on the xbox with this game, but i reckon the same setting should do.
  15. i shall try this tonight, thanks
  16. C Cronshaw. Thanks.
    0 settings for steering and throttle on controller has a good effect on steering allowing for better control into and out of corners (using Clio GT). started with the bonnet view and then changed to in- car central view and it is pretty much there on the money. I have left advance settings on default.
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  17. So guys what mode are you adjusting these settings in, 1 , 2 or 3, as i think each mode on its own changes something, and i dont mean the settings under the controller options.
  18. Mode 2 when I set everything to 0.
    Using donnington track to test.

    Just updated controller.
    Kept settings as above and now it plays better. I feel I can power the car into and out of corners without that horrible twitchy feel, that results in spinning out. It is now more manageable to recover if car gets out of place and use different views without noticing any difference in the drive.

    This works and getting closer to the way Forza feels. I will keep tweaking.
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