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x-packer problems?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Jeremy Loveland, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. Hey all, fairly new to BTB and making tracks etc.
    anyways ive been trying to make my own object recently and ive been following the toutorial videos on youtube
    anywho, after alot of stuffing around finding the gmotor plugin for 3DS max 2010 and getting it running ive exported the 3ds file and tryed to load the object into the x-packer, as i do this i get an error "Material #(number) has no texture"

    Does anyone know or have some idea of what i might be doing wrong, or is there a step i might have to do different as im using a newer version of cs and 3ds than in the video.

    thanx in advance for any help
  2. The most likely cause of the problem is that the texture files are not in the same folder as the .3ds file.
  3. Good thought, and i double checked after reading this post, but still recieving the same error message!
  4. Hi.
    Not sure why you would want the gmotor plugin for this.
    Sounds like your using gmats. I'm no expert but pretty sure exporting to 3ds will remove the gmat mapping. If you use normal 3ds mapping, when you import to xpacker you set the gmats for each existing material, and exporting your track from btb handles the rest.
  5. May be the name of the textures is not 8.3
  6. Yes as mentioned before im new to this whole track building thing, so ive have no idea what im doing when it comes to making my own objects for the program, so im just following the guide avalible on youtube!
    But If you can link me to another tutorial on how to make ur own objects for BTB that i can follow this will solve my problem....fingers crossed :D

    It would be funny as hell if this was the problem, and i went back and checked just to make sure it wasnt the problem, tho im pretty sure no program these days should be affected by the old 8.3 naming scheme!...... tho u never realy know for sure until you check :tongue:

    thanx for the ideas so far guys, tho im still having trouble with this so keep the ideas coming and hopfully ill get around it
  7. Hey guys ,Sorry its taken so long to reply to my own thread (been busy).
    ok so ive uploaded a file through media fire http://www.mediafire.com/?olc4a3tvaa01bvo
    its a zip file and contains the 3ds file the psd file and the dds file made from that psd file.
    maybe with all this someone will be able to tell me what im doing wrong :p
  8. They say for 3ds files textures should be in the same folder which is true. Loading object without a texture is possible (with that error message) if you know which texture the object uses. This is what I did:
    1. Unzipped to desktop (maybe this not a folder for my pc :rolleyes:)
    2. Added object to the xpack. (error: "material x has no texture", bla bla)
    2a. XPacker created a material for the object (blank something), but I don't know why it had two textures this time... Never mind.
    3. Went to Textures Tab and added new texture (rims.dds)
    4. Went to Materials Tab and select the object's material. It said it had for Diffuse the blank texture. Then clicked Pick button, found the rims.dds and OK
    4a. Set "Use Chroma" for transparency (do the rest of settings that you want to: LOD, double sided, etc.)
    5. Back to Textures Tab - deleted unused blank textures
    6. Zipped to btb
    7. Quite big rim you have made :cool:
    7a. Unless it has to be that big, you can scale it in XPacker easily and Center On The Ground (Tabs: Objects/Edit)

    So, I think you did something wrong when making the rim in 3dMax, but I don't know the program yet ;)

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  9. A sort of ;) I'm used to this since my friend makes some more complex models for me and they usually use the same texture sheet. So, there is no reason to send big files all the time via e-mails. I would of course save his models in the folder with that texture, but again it takes time to dig in my pc to find it. Then, XPacker always makes a new materials for every single object (which would be that text.sheet again) - I merge all of these for one, so the process is almost the same (one more click to accept the error, hugh :D)
  10. thanx for the help all, i will go home and try the steps suggested by martinez and try to make the objects i need for my track im making.
    O by the way, that rim was just a throw together to show you the problems ive been having so the hight and size....and the rim it self was never going to be used :p