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WTCC87 bug since Race On??

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Warren Dawes, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. I wonder if there is a bug with the WTCC87 class since the release of Race On (similar to the reported Volvo C30 bug).
    I have read (in another community) of problems with people trying to join on-line events using the WTCC87 BMW E30. They get the "booted as possible cheat" message. From reports of detailed testing, it appears that if the Server and Client are both using Race On or GTRE, no problems, but with any combination of Server and Clent using a mixture of Race On and GTRE, the kick message occurs.

    I don't recall seeing RD hosting any WTCC87 events recently, so maybe we aren't aware of the "problem".

    Does anyone have any experience of this one??
  2. yeah i got that error as well earlier today.... finding it hard to get online, cant see what mod or version they are running so i keep getting booted or error msgs :(

    tried a few laps on RD server the other day and it all worked fine.
  3. I have same experience too with 87's M3, I was booted...."botted as possible cheat"
    sometimes no problem to join in, but as you mentioned there's maybe problem with server.
  4. My team mate Gaetan got the same error with WTCC87 too few days ago (he hadn't Race on).
  5. I have done some further testing with some friends, and I now have serious doubt about the compatability of parts of Race On vs GTRE.
    For the WTCC87 cars, if a server is setup using Race On, those with GTRE get booted as possible cheats. If a server is set up using GTRE, those using Race On get booted.

    The Server message says "1987_BMW_E30.HDC Mismatch" .

    Can we get some advice from Simbin (or someone knowledgeable) about the compatability of the two games. Surely, if someone has Race On, they should be able to join a server using GTRE?? Is there an update needed to a GTRE Server (or user) to allow them to join a Server using Race On??

    Am I missing something obvious here????

    Are Simbin already aware of this problem and maybe are going to include a fix in the reported "Patch"??
  6. Many servers have the same problem,As i understood Simbin had many complains about this and confirmed they would fix this in the next patch.
  7. I got around the problem by uninstalling Race On. I'm not really happy about this so I hope Simbin will fix the issue soon.

    When I play online I usually see lots of poeple getting booted due to the missmatch problem.
  8. Ok, assuming that the WTCC 87 cars are now incompatable between Race On and GTRE, has anyone been able to confirm that this is the only car class with the problem?
    Has anyone been able to confirm that eg. F3000, FBMW, GTP, GTS, GTC can be used on-line by people with either Race On or GTRE??

    Now that RaceSimCentral has closed, does Simbin now have an "Official" Forum???
  9. probably only wtcc87, problem is caused by overwritten by Race On file with gearbox ratios which is used by wtcc87 class
  10. Personally I've only ever seen this problem involve the WTCC87 cars.

    As for an 'official forum', I haven't read anything to suggest that Simbin have reacted to the closure of Race Sim Central yet, though I could have missed something.
  11. i have seen wtcc06/07 racers get booted, then rejoin a few seconds later and ok... always a .hdc mismatch, but not necessarily the car they are actually driving... often they get booted for safety car .hdc mismatch....
  12. This is getting to be a serious problem. We should be starting WTCC87 League within a week (on our site), everythings scheduled and ready to go when this bug started to happen.
  13. Similar story for Simjunkies. THey had a League scheduled to start in just over a week, which was to use WTCC87 cars, but they have been forced to abandon these cars and substitute an alternative.
    Pretty disappointing, but more frustrating that Simbin have not indicated if the proposed patch will solve it. :mad:
  14. Hey Warren we experienced this issue over at Austeam as well we had an end of year series that started around the same time Race On was launched then some drivers started getting the missmatch, read all the forum posts saying it was issue with Race On clients joined Evo servers. We continued our series but work around was getting all Race On owners to back up game to HD (Steam Version) and then uninstall to resolve issue. But its ridiculous way to resolve something that could be fixed very easily in an update.
  15. I know a lot of people that won't be investing to Race On if these kind of problems occur. This "bug" (or evil strategy to get more people to buy Race On?) affects existing games and content that people have paid for. Who says that some patch in the future won't remove the rest of the Race07/Race On compatibility, dropping Online features from all who have purchased every addon etc. except Race On? Maybe some of us will switch to another simracing title...

    The solution to this problem is sooo easy to fix, since all releases use the same revisions of the same game-engine. But if the old signs are correct, it takes one and ½ months to fix this from SimBin..
  16. EDIT: Nothing.. forget this post..
  17. Have you guys noticed the center tire temps issue too? It's always the highest (only tested WTCC cars)