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WTCC vs STCC (comparison)

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Douglas Lundberg, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. im just curious about if anyone has found any performance differences over a lap between the wtcc07 and the stcc cars (wtcc06 is slower than wtcc07 i think. correct me if im wrong).

    for example between the 5-Speed H-Shift bmw in stcc compared to the 5-Speed H-Shift bmw in wtcc or between the stcc honda and the wtcc honda?

    or is there no differences at all? what i can see about the ride heights, weight etc there is no difference. but i might be wrong.
  2. No differences - the latest 1.1.2 Steam patch equalised the cars.
  3. I don't think they are equal. I notice in WTCC 2007 all the Hondas end up at the back of the grid in qualifying. They don't do so well in the race either :p

    Noticed this in a race at Curitba 2007. Might be the drivers' talent files too?
  4. They are all equalised now, trust me :wink:

    The Honda is very strong in the RD races now.
  5. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    I trust you, but i dont think you are right :) The cars have been more equal yes, but they are not the same in case of performance.. HOTLAP RANKINGS
  6. Yes, but the guy was asking are the STCC versions of the WTCC cars the same? And the answer is yes.

    I didn't mean every car has been equalised in that way. :p
  7. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Where it says that the cars are the same then? If you check some setups (i think the STCC beemer?) you see a significant difference between the settings. Ridehight front: 8.0 rear: 10.0 where all WTCC cars are around 8.0/8.5 at minimum.
    But maybe it is a great idea to setup a STATS server with all S2000 cars and see who is the fastest in the end?
  8. Really? I didn't realise - I thought they had just cloned the WTCC cars for STCC to avoid griping about online competitiveness.
  9. I do a lot of offline racing at Macau.

    Last night I was running about 0.5 seconds per lap faster with the STCC BMW E90 than the WTCC one.

    I don't know if its just a coincidence, or if there really are differences between the 2 - with the tyres and everything.
  10. very intresting. did u drive the 5 speed h-pattern E90 as the stcc car or the 6 speed?
  11. yes - it was a custom skin so I was with the 5 speed.

    fuel turned off, tyre degradation set to normal.

    I had a few laps which were under my fastest WTCC BMW lap I have managed in the past 12 months, so I take it that it had more to do with the car rather than my driving, unless I managed to hit every corner perfectly, but I was surprised.

    Also, when racing offline 2 or 3 the STCC BMWs tend to qualify ahead of the WTCC BMWs at Macau. Its not that unsual for me to race Macau and have 2 STCC BMWs on the front row by 3 - 4 tenths and a third one also within the top 5.
  12. okay, interesting. someday when i got a lot of time i will try to compare the stcc fwd cars to the wtcc ones:) on a shorter and easier track:)
  13. The difference is in the tyres. The STCC tyres are softer and therfore generates more grip.

    Edit: Atleast in real life
  14. you guys got me thinking so i had a quick look at the Honda & Chevrolet and there are no extra hdc, eng or tyre files within the game and from what i can see both the wtcc & stcc honda share the same crytical files so they are the same car apart from the skins so you will have no worries about which to pick.
    The audi however has slightly different tyres but they have the same slip curves as the old wtcc tyres but just with ever so slight changes to initial grip levels.
    The alfa has a newer hdc file v1.20 dated 1st September 2007 while the old one was v1.3 dated 3rd June 2008 so work that one out, but from a quick look the only difference i could see is a small difference to the traction control which will not make any difference to us since we never use it.
  15. just checked the bmw and from what i can see there is no difference between the wtcc & stcc cars apart from the fact that the stcc is running on michelin branded tyres and the wtcc yokohama but when you look at both tyr files they are exactly the same data with only the initial file name being different :dance2: no no worries guys it is all balanced just right
  16. Thanks Neil - so its obviously that by some miracle I have just improved a bit and I am managing to avoid the walls more effectively:laugh2:
  17. Gona have to get STCC. Where can I get this from?
  18. When we did the race at Knutsdorp I wanted to use the WTCC Honda 07 in the STCC, but there was no default setup for it, however the STCC Honda had a default setup for the track..... so?? are they different and can the setups be interchanged??
  19. Well they are two different cars the HONDA WTCC and the HONDA STCC.

    They had litte changes made to the models (obvious one is the STCC logo on the headlights that the WTCC version doesnt have).

    Car setups are linked to a specific car model and since the WTCC and STCCC Hondas are different models that is why you see setup ok for the STCC Honda and not the WTCC Honda which never raced there.

    All of the cars (WTCC 2006, WTCC 2007 and STCC 2008) were all balances to give them similar performance but retain their handling characteristics.

    The default setup on the STCC cars will obviously be different to the WTCC counterparts sine the STCC runs on very different track types to that of the WTCC cars.

    I have noticed that many more people are now driving the Honda after the patch as it has become a competitive car and always had very nice handling, just the lacking top speed and grunt from the engine. now this has been rectified.

    I dont believe there would be any difference between running a WTCC HONDA and STCC HONDA over the same lap with the same setup. In fact I am sure I was in a STCC HONDA and Mark guy was in a WTCC HONDA at Kurtstorp i think and we had almost identical lap times in qualifying.