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WTCC Seat TDI Zandvoort - specific setup help needed

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Eric Soeters, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. I'm still a pretty rookie in GTR Evolution. I'm driving in WTCC 2007 in a Seat Leon TDI. After using the setup manual which I found on this site I yesterday blasted away my old track record (Zandvoort) away with 3 seconds... Wow, what a difference. I only changed a few points such as Camber, Brake (F/B) wing, Tire presure, gearing. I have now a approx time of 1:51.7 on Zandvoort. I feel I can squeeze out a few more, but I'm pretty consistant in my laps.. However I have some trouble with certain parts of the circuit and would love to get some input from one of you.

    In Zandvoort there is a S-turn (starting right and then left) in the middle of the circuit. It's a turn for 2nd gear. But I find it hard to drive the best line in this part. Starting from left (from the straight) I steer right over the kerbs. This gives me a pretty big bounce and some unbalance in the car which gives me problems with accelating and steering the closest line for the second part (left corner). If I avoid kerbs the 2nd part of the corner is pretty sharp which also will cost me time and speed. Maybe I must adjust something on demping, rubbers ???? But what? Or do I need to drive a different line?

    High speed turns
    The last two turns of the lap and the turns after straight (Scheivlak) are all tree right cornering turns in 3-4-5. In this parts AI is faster than me. What should I change to have more grip in these parts? Due to the fact they are all right turns (the majority of the turns is right) what can I adjust on the car for improvement? Something with roll-bar?
    I know in general what are the best/shortest lines to drive, so on the point I'm less a rookie :).

    Thanks in advance for the input and advice!

    Furthermore love the site, love the community and love the game.
  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Thats the coolest part of Zandy :): The Audi-S. Most people that turn in hard and bump over that curb will loose momentum and dive right into the wall at the right side. To avoid that is very easy. Try to apply throttle and brakes at the same time while you steer over that curbstone, it will balance the car and you wont loose grip. The lefthander that follows should be taken with a little blip on the brakes and keep it is close as possible on the inside

    Hope that helps.
  3. :disapointed:
    Yep, although that doesn't happen to me (anymore). But as I understand it is essential to take that kerb on the right side (with some speed...), while breaking and keeping the gas open at the same time? Why is that action required to keep grip? Do I need special adjustments at the car setup for that piece?(slow bump??).

    Tnx sofar! I really love Zandvoort. I still find it a track with a lot of challenges and variation and it is our hometrack :laugh2:
  4. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    That technique is called trailbraking (at least some part).. Try to drive one lap around Zandvoort with the brakes and throttle applied full, and try to losen up things each lap that follow. In the end you will master the technique and your laptime will drop significantly with another style of braking...

    Let me know if it works for you
  5. I will!!!

    Hmm above tip was hard to to master and it did not give me any good results on laptimes...
  6. As Zandvoort has many right turns, what can I do on the car to make sure that these right corners can be taken with more speed and reducing the understeer in right corners. Someone with some basic tips. I had a look at the manuals, but for non-parallel adjustments I have not read much.
  7. Nobody?
  8. uuuhhh..., did i miss an update?
    didnt know there were TDI's in race 07/evo.
    Are there?

  9. Hmm to my opinion the Seat Leon's are TDI? Or was that an assumption from my side? I never knew better that these were TDIs If I'm not mistaken in 'real-life' these are also TDIs? Someone with the final answer?
  10. All the Seats in the game are Petrol, the Diesels were not introduce until half way through the season in 2007.
  11. Ah, that's why I got confused. I knew that Tom Coronel was driving a TDI Leon, but only at the 2nd part of 2007. Tnx for the additional info!

    But we're loosing track on the original question :).
  12. Best thing I can add to all the previous tips: Try downloading replays from other drivers (just plainly ask some experienced drivers here) and analyse how they get round the track.

    Watching faster drivers has been a great help for me. And still is, to be honest!
  13. What do you mean with mini-mod?
  14. uses the Petrol car but with TDI physics
  15. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    keep practicing the trailbraking. i still havent nailed it everywhere but it works. best benefit is that you can make minor adjustments to your trajectory using minor adjustments to throttle and brake. its something i picked up when i raced lots of nascor 2003 (papyrus) where once the car is set you steer with the brake and accelerator. its a technique ive found holds water much more than i thought it would in conventional circuit racing. it also allows you the option of introducing measured oversteer when needed much like a rally driver would do to the forward balance of the brakes.
  16. Hmm the trailbreaking is hard.... I don;t get any result out of it... only unwanted results... :)
  17. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    its more about making the absolute most of a smooth roll on, roll off transition than a definate action i find.