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WTCC Oceanania league

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Nigel Roberts, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. Well sorry to drag all the Aussies here under false pretences :circuitzolder: but thought I would ask since there isn’t much available, RSC had a great setup Sunday nights and that is a perfect night for racing I recon. We used to get on average 13 - 18 guys depending on what the lineup was, I am sure more would have been attracted to it, if it was more than just a fun run but a series of some sort.

    I have registered for the WTCC series but I am struggling to qualify for race for starters, and if I do I am not sure if I can make the race, hard with a baby that wakes up at all hours, and if I woke her at 5AM to go racing I think the misses would kill me :)

    So can we have a show of hands of Aussies, kiwis, Islanders, or anyone in the southern hemisphere that’s wants to race in their time zone also like at RSC open to other regions who do shift work and cant race in their usual time zones, if you post with your interest I will edit this post and add your name to the list.

    Sorry if this is supposed to be posted somewhere else or already posted, and I hope admin are ok with this post. Also if admin need anyone here to put there hand up and help with this, I have been managing a GTR league over at Austeam Racing since GTR1 was released, so I am keen to help.

    Oceania Drivers List

    1. T-Man
  2. And as soon as he has joined "The Club",you have a victim to pressgang into the Aussie FBMW Nations team now too Warren :thumb: :D.
  3. Dam how did I miss that post, also Warren I am registered mate have been for a while now :) also how badly did I spell Oceania.....LOL it was late well thats my excuse!

    EDIT: It appears I am not registered, ah its the old Application system again, I registered with the GPCOS :)