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Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Adam Vaughan, Jan 24, 2009.

  1. Hello, Recent was doing a few hot laps round Brands Hatch Indy using the BMW and the Seat and Alfa. I cant seem to be fast with the BMW and always seem to spin off. Im not spinning off on the exit of corners but on the entry under braking. Either the front gives way or the back is just going. But tbh it seems abit off both. Iv tried so many ways to stop this but the only way to stop it is brake a mile down the road. Really gutted as the BMW is my favourite car and it had a big advantage off the start.

    Can anyone of you pros help me? And is it set up problem or a technique I need to learn.

  2. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    How you use the accelaerator is vital I find (not that Im good at it tho). If you are locking the fronts under heavy braking move the Bias further back and modulate the accelerator under braking to stop the rears locking.

    Left foot braking and trail braking all help to balance the car at turn in and apex if done right, but I still haven't fully got it right yet so maybe someone else can give you more detail on that.
  3. I have the same problem 3 months ago. I was driving BMW at Macau and had problem to do a clean lap. Then I try another car (Honda) and my first lap was 4sek faster then PB in BMW.
    If You still want to drive BMW You must practice and practice the technique, setup is improtant but not as techniquue to use the pedals.
  4. For me I dont have the time to put in to make the BMW fast. I have never been quick in it and never feel like I get anything like as much feedback from the car.

    The quickest guys all seem to use it and have therefore been able to overcome this, I tend to feel that the BMW is perhaps the quickest car, but the default setups just dont offer the same feel as those of the fwd cars.

    Some tracks like Pau, Porto, Brno I can be quick in BMW, others like Brandds when I need maximum front end feel, I am nowhere!
  5. I've only had the game a few weeks and have tried only the Seat and BMW and decided to get used to the BMW. Getting s good lap in it felt more rewarding :) Ive started tweaking the setups now to give better grip in the front tyres and my brake bias is now something like 54:46. I'm pretty bad atm but something I have learnt is technique gives far better gains than setup imho.
  6. For me it is not just about how fast you can go in any one particular car, it is about enjoying the drive, i like both the bmw and bms because there is always some part of the track where the fwd cars are faster or another where the rwd car is better and when you have a big grid then there is always someone to race against and give you a good time.
  7. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Adam to me it sounds that your rear wheels are locking up when you spin off. What you can try is to blip the throttle when you are downshifting and try to get the rpm's high. This will prevent locking up.
    But the BMW is the hardest car to drive, especially the reasons what you describe, but also the most challenging one and therefor the coolest :)

    :fwd: sucks so keep practicing :D
  8. Cheers bram. Manages to be abit more inconsistent doing this and definetly see the effects. :good:
  9. Like bram said throttle blip really works great to keep the car under control while braking. Having that said brand hatch is a hard track for the beemer.

    Longer gears works great aswell!:)
  10. Throttel blip will help indeed but shifting a little less fast down will work aswell :)
  11. on ur diff bring the coast down to like 15% and lower the lock as well, lower preload too.

    lower the rear of the car a little more and soften the rear springs, this should keep it in line if you start to whip your butt around on braking before entering a turn.

    This will help you improve your technique and then you can make it stock again but it wont be as easy
  12. Thanks everyone, gon try a few laps in abit.
  13. Had a good old experiment last night with rwd and I am finding that one an average track like Brands I am about 1.5 secs slower, it is places like Paddock here you simply can NOT brake as late in rwd as the rears lock up, no matter what you do with bias or pressure.

    Then through dingle dell the thing just simply gets far more unsettled than a fwd and slips on exit

    I think in all honesty for me its physics, coz I can drive ALL the cars in the GT mod fine without problem apart from perhaps the Viper which feels most like a 320 in that it is unpredictable. I think they just got it wrong coz the Alfa 75 and E30 dont slip anywhere near as much with simlar power and tyres.

    It annoys me really as it would be fun to race rwd, but I simply cant respond or fight for a position in the same way