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WTCC '87 @ Warwick Farm - 25 January 2009

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Cam Wedgwood, Jan 19, 2009.

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  1. Cam Wedgwood

    Cam Wedgwood


    Please note: This will be a a non points event, and open for Trial members also.

    Special thanks to RD's own Andrew Evans for converting this track to EVO.

    We have a special WTCC'87 Skinpack available which also includes many Aussie liveries. The link is provided below.

    Servername: RACEDEPARTMENT.com AU
    Password: click here:

    Class: WTCC '87
    Track: Warwick Farm DOWNLOAD
    Weather: Dry
    Skinpack: Skinpack here

    Practice: 9:00 GMT, 30 mins (8.00PM Aust Eastern DST)
    Qualifying: 9:30 GMT, 30 mins (8.30PM AEST)
    Race: 10:00 GMT, (9.00PM ADST)
    Laps: 2 by 16 laps​

    Important: Please pay special attention to Racedepartment's Golden Rule: If you hit another driver and disadvantage him, we expect you stop and let the other driver regain his position on you. If this costs you many places (eg first few laps) then consider this a penalty for your driving infringement. Doing this shows respect to your fellow drivers and will encourage drivers to be more careful. Please use some care when letting the other driver regain position, do not immediately stop your car on the driving line where it can cause further accidents. Not following this rule will result in your membership of the racing club being terminated at once!
  2. Cam Wedgwood

    Cam Wedgwood

    1. Warren Dawes - BMW E30
    2. Cam Wedgwood
    3. Olaf.j Linortner
    4. Josh Healy - BMW
    5. Damien Jones - BMW
    6. Driver
    7. Driver
    8. Driver
    9. Driver
    10. Driver
    11. Driver
    12. Driver
    13. Driver
    14. Driver
    15. Driver
    16. Driver
    17. Driver
    18. Ries Notenboom
    19. Marcin Wójcik - Alfa
    20. Piotrek Blaszczak
    21. Dietmar Auferkorte
    22. Ian Beech - BMW E30
    23. Keith Peppiatt
    24. Sam Moss
    25. Driver

    1. Jeroen van Toorn
    2. Chris Rodgers - Alfa
    3. Driver
    4. Driver
    5. Driver
  3. I'll be the first sign-up for this.
    This is a great historic Aussie track and this event features the cars that frequently raced on this popular track in Sydney.

    My car will be a BMW E30, I love these. :love2:
  4. Name in game: ian beech
    Your Country: England
    Control: G25
    Car: BMW
    Skin: RD Pack
    Special remarks:*** Prepared to step aside to make room for Oceania members if needed***
  5. Cam Wedgwood

    Cam Wedgwood

    I'm in too!
  6. yes please

    you've out done yourself this time ,
    im in for this please
  7. Sign me in please, car dont know yet.
  8. Pretty close to home for you Olly, you should nearly be able to walk there. :rotfl:
  9. Cam Wedgwood

    Cam Wedgwood

    Blame Warren for this one Ollie! :clap:
  10. been watching some old footage of the 60s and 70s round this place ,and as promised dvds on their way as soon as i get the copies done to you (CAM)and WD. yep its about 30 min away . any mods of the old Amaroo park or Katilina park around ? now there is a pair of tracks ,especially Katilina .
    by the way how does 1.34 .xxx rate round here ?
  11. Warwick Farm!! :love2: Oh, you won't be doing this event without me!! :victory:

    Car TBD...

    Rhys :D
  12. Michael Stead

    Michael Stead

    I'm in. Sign me up please, and I'll be driving the alfa like I always do.
  13. Go for a drive (or walk) down there and practice some more Olly, I did 1.32.0 in my 3 test laps in the BMW, and I'll be well off the pace. :laugh2:
  14. That means very fast and way out in front. :laugh2:
  15. Sign me up too plz, but as reserve. Not yet sure if i'll make it. Will only join if there is enough room.
  16. sing me up please
  17. I'm in please with a beemer. (and as im in the uk im ready to give my spot to someone who needs it)
  18. Okay, I've made up my mind... I'm going with the Alfa. I'll be using the Colin Bond skin included in the pack. :peace:
  19. For anyone planning to join this event, we have a special "practice" server available (for most of this week), kindly made available by one of our members.

    We would really appreciate some people joining as we want to test the pings and server stability, since it is located much closer to Australia.

    Details are as follows:
    server name=Warwick AUS Test

    PM any feedback on server performance to Cam or myself.
  20. Hi Warren, please sign me up as a reserve as I'm not sure whether my visitors will still be here come Sunday. I'll get onto the server in the meantime either way and send feedback on how it's looking...oh and I'll run the Alfa for a change :)
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