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WTCC 87 + Add-on @ Barcelona 2007 - Saturday December 18th 2010

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Yves Larose, Dec 15, 2010.

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  1. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

  2. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    Special note

    this beta testing is made to help T2L Racing ( Gunthar Rowe ) to find out if the 2 toyota's are matching or not the WTCC 87 BMW and Alfa. in order to have a good feedback the gris will be limited to 24 sign up so 6 spots of each cars. it would be appreciate that the feel would be equaly devided between all the cars. the feedbacks that Gunthar is looking for the comparaison between the default WTCC 87 cars and the 2 Toyota's such as breaking, top speed, cornering in high speed corner, cornering in low speed corner, curb riding. all the feedbacks will be greatly appreciate and very useful.
  3. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    Entry list:
    1. BMW E30 - Aristide Romanov
    2. BMW E30 - Ross Balfour (maybe)
    3. BMW E30 - Chris Sykes
    4. BMW E30 - Yves Larose
    5. BMW E30 - Driver
    6. BMW E30 - Driver
    7. Alfa 75 - Oliver Wickens
    8. Alfa 75 - Gary Lennon
    9. Alfa 75 - Stefan Beemsterboer (maybe)
    10. Alfa 75 - Driver
    11. Alfa 75 - Driver
    12. Alfa 75 - Driver
    13. Toyota Levin - Oancea Gabriel
    14. Toyota Levin - Gaëtan Legastelois
    15. Toyota Levin - Michal Szabo
    16. Toyota Levin - Renan Paulo
    17. Toyota Levin - Grégory Cogotti
    18. Toyota Levin - Reggie Blain
    19. Toyota Trueno - James Fellows
    20. Toyota Trueno - Ethan Bass
    21. Toyota Trueno - Chris Rigby
    22. Toyota Trueno - Emil Bonnerup
    23. Toyota Trueno - Lasse Sorensen
    24. Toyota Trueno - Erik Tveit
  4. Sign me up with the bimmer please.
  5. Just had a quick drive round and the Toyota's seem to be a lot easier to drive off the bat, but with a proper setup the Alfa and BMW might be just as good.

    Could you sign me up for a Toyota Trueno please?
  6. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    BMW please but just as a maybe, not sure whether I'm going to a party or not :D
  7. BMW E30 please Yves
  8. Sign me up, been driving the 87 Alfa with some mates, so I know how to drive that. So I'll take the Toyota Trueno. (Is it an 86:wink:)
  9. thx for test for me guys, much appreciated.
  10. I would come.

    @Gunthar : what car would you advise me, a 86 since I know her well, or instead of alpha (because nobody took the moment - I think that will change)?

    Thank for test event Yves and all those who want to participate ;)
  11. Yves I have a suggestion, since it is a test and there are two races, why not separate into two groups (AE86/WTCC87) and take the car in a group of your choice and make the second run in the other group. So that everyone can test a AE86?
    In addition, this would ignore the level of driving of a person if one of the cars were too advantaged.

    What do you think about that ?

    when the final version is coming out of AE86

    the mod runs beautifully five stars 5*****
  13. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    Gaetan, while its a good idea the problem with this is that we would need to exit the server after the first race, run another praccy and qualy session and then race 2. in simple words it double the time of the event and on a Saturday night people might have other plans for after the event and they might not be able to join the event because of that, thats one reason why the event is one hour earlier then the usual racing club event so it gives people the chance to join an event and then go out for the rest of the evening.

    @ the car choice if you want you can take the Alfa and in the case that nobody choose the Alfa i will take it so we can have at least one of each car on the grid.

  14. :woot: Oh ho ho, haw haw, I love my little Hachi-Roku. Oh ah ha. :woot:

    In all serious though, I have just been running some TA (I know, not a great test, but I've never driven Barca 07 in Race so TA is a good place to start) and the only 87 TA file is a 1:59.xx in a 75. No idea if thats any good, but the differences between how the 86 (I have a mid 1:58.xx :D) and 75 get their speed is huge. In corners, the 75 is braking mid corner, especially the long right hander at the start and in some of the faster ones round the lap, where the 86 is capable of doing them so close to full throttle, its silly :wink:. But then theirs a straight, and all the work done on the corners could be un-done in a straight line. The E30 and 75 will destroy the 86s down the main straight, even with a slower exit. The 86 has soooo little power, its arrrh!

    Oh I can't wait for Saturday and for a final release. Theirs only one skin I'm putting on my Trueno 86. :wink::wink:
  15. thanks for the pre-race info Ethan :)

    Gaëtan, drive an AE86 mate :)
  16. Also, hot lapping is one thing and racing another... hence the test races :)

    It's The Barbarian vs The Roman vs The Ninja !!
  17. If it's anything like the dtm mod then this should be great.

    Not fussed what car I drive - could try the new toyota cars? I'll leave the decision up to you Gunthar, whatever best suits your test. Let me know and ill give it a go.
  18. Hey Oliver, maybe an Alfa as there are none used just now....

    Cheers :)

    And thanks for all that are giving up some time so close to Christmas!!
  19. No worries. I'll probably find out why no one has chosen the alfa come saturday, but hey i like a challenge!

    Sign me up with the Alfa 75.

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