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EU WTCC 2014 @ Suzuka West Course - Thursday 23rd June 2016

Discussion in 'R3E Racing Club' started by Kenny Paton, Jun 11, 2016.

Added to Calendar: 23-06-16
  1. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Staff Premium

    Classic WTCC cars on a classic track, whats not to like:)

    All premium members can sign up for this event and we have unlimited slots available so make sure to bring a friend. Sign up below and make sure to tag fellow community members who you think are up for a challenge!

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    Curbing the Turn 1 mayhem

    Server Name: RaceDepartment.com
    WTCC 2014
    Track: Suzuka West Course

    Race 1:
    17:30 GMT 18:30 BST (30 minutes)
    Qualifying: 18:00 GMT 19:00 BST (15 minutes)
    Race: 18:15 GMT 19:15 BST (20 minutes)
    Race 2:
    Qualifying 2
    : 18:35 GMT 19:35 BST (10 minutes)
    Race 2: 18:45 GMT 19:45 BST (20 minutes)

    Entry List
    1. Kenny Paton?
    2. Vangelis pargiNOS
    3. Christoph Muller
    4. Von Butters
    5. Reggie Blain Snr
    6. Reggie Blain
    7. Bjorn de Hass
    8. Dexter
    9. Piotrek Blaszczak
    10. monsieurjackb?
    11. Roy Magnes
    12. Dennis Phelan
    13. Quentis Gillispie
    14. M4LLY
    15. Free slot
    16. Free slot
    17. Free slot
    18. Free slot
    19. Free slot
    20. Freemium member
    21. Freemium member
    22. Freemium member
    23. Freemium member
    24. Freemium member
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2016
  2. Add me please :)
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  3. ok let's go
    Honda Civic
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  4. kamackeris


    Would love to but one will be pissed in a farm in Somerset #glastonbury
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  5. Von Butters

    Von Butters

    Yes! Love this track. I'll be in for this.

    As always though, any health worries, I'll let you know.
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  6. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Staff Premium

    Sorry to hear that hope to see you back on track sometime:)
  7. sign me up
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  8. Von Butters

    Von Butters

    Sorry, when I signed up, I was so excited racing these cars on this track, I totally forgot that I'm going I'm having procedure done. That means I've got to prepare for it on Thursday.

    Hopefully, it might mean get answers why so buggered up, but also means have to pull out of the race.
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  9. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Staff Premium

    Hope it all goes well for you and that we have you back on track soon:thumbsup:
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  10. sign me up:)
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  11. budlix

    Wheel Rotator Premium

    Sorry, probably I will skip this one. :redface::(
    We have company meeting (in pub) and I missed 3 ones before because of RD races, so I will go there to wash out that "black sheep" sticker. :D
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  12. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Staff Premium

    Yes indeed co workers don't understand:)
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  13. Dexter


    sign me in :)
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  14. I do my best so sign me up.THX
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  15. monsieurjackb


    Could you sign me in as a maybe please Kenny? I finish work at 6 on Thursday so could maybe be back in time for race 1, if not I should be in for race 2 :)
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  16. monsieurjackb


    20160622133305_1.jpg [​IMG]

    Think I've nailed the line round 130R..It takes some skill though believe me :roflmao:
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2016
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  17. Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan

    Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan
    Mr. C Premium

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