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WTCC 2014 Honda Setups

Discussion in 'R3E Setups' started by Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan, Dec 23, 2015.

  1. Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan

    Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan
    Mr. C Premium

    Here are some setups from guys i raced against or where in my team.
    This are the fastest guys i know so all setups are good and proven
    With Kevin's setup i lead current leaderboard on Bathurst(i still have at least 0.5 in me) and close to Top 25 in Suzuka event(didn't had much time), one golden rule "don't turn and brake".
    When i am home will try to do a picture or video tutorial of Bathurs of my newb lap,hope it will help someone.

    Mr.C - Laguna Seca
    Mr.C Laguna Seca 22.7.jpg

    Chris Shephard - Laguna Seca
    Chris Laguna Seca.jpg

    Ryan Callan- Laguna Seca
    Ryan Laguna Seca.jpg

    Ryan Callan - Zandvoorth
    Ryan setup zandvoorth.jpg

    Kevin Roting - base setup (very good) Kevin Roting - base.jpg

    Mr.C - Sonoma
    Mr.C - Sonoma.jpg
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  2. Hi,

    I've tried a few car setups for the WTTC Honda at Suzuka, but my best lap is about 2:03.400. But I see that 2:00.700 is the best lap. Any hint for the setup? Should we change the wheel rotation angle and the wheel lock? Any hint for driving?
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  3. Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan

    Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan
    Mr. C Premium

    for all cars in RaceRoom i use 900 rotation both in game and wheel profile , depeding on car i use from 28 lock to 34.
    I am not home atm, but from what i remember i used the Base setup from Keving Roting with small changes, best hint for driving is leaderboards, of top of my head i thin S1 is the most important, those sweeping corners starting with T1.
    Come hard in 6th brake but not to long down to 5th and aim the car to the inside of the corner and while taking T1 be on acc 70%, brake for T2 and the next corners until end of S1 don't touch the brake at all, it's all in acc but if you mess up one corner you lose allot.
    When i am home(if i remember will try to make a video of my fastest lap) think i was quite high at suzuka
    Until then you are welcome to know the game better by joining some club events!
  4. Ty Mr. C!

    I see that the setups are quite different. It looks like driving skills are more important than the setups. Is that right?
    You are using 900° in the game too?
    Do you have a car setup for Suzuka? For rear wing, I'm using sometime 1 and sometime 2. I still need to figure out which one is the best. I set springs and ride height to minimum. Front ARB to min and rear ARB to max. And Differential both to 75%. What should it be usually? The lower the value the more the wheels can turn in different speeds? What should I look up to setup the differential power and coast?
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  5. Mr. C

    What is your lap time at Suzuka? Do you think 2:00.700 is possible?
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  6. Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan

    Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan
    Mr. C Premium

    Look at the above setups and the penultimate one is bang on for power/coast/dampers and arb. only thing i changed i think is gear ratio and brake balance.
    Depending on track-car combination a setup can improve only so much,it will range from 0.5 to max 1.5 sec difference from setup,no more!
    Take those settings and test! if you are a novice at setups like me, dwl setup engineer from my onedrive folder, that program is fun to use and really helpful. You tell the program what you feel in the car or what you want and it will give you suggestions what to change..
    Like a said, i am on the road so no access to desktop computer at home, but take the setup i suggested and it should be be good to go.
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  7. Thank you very much Mr. C!

    I'll start with that setup and try to improve my lap time ;-) I'll check the software you're talking about too. It looks great :)
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  8. Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan

    Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan
    Mr. C Premium

    i have a 2.02 but dind't do to much laps, for me i think i can shave around 0.8 maybe 1sec and i ain't that fast,so a proper alien can definitively do at least 0.5 faster then me or more, as i see it's 2.00. flat now
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  9. Thank you Mr. C!

    I took Kevin's setup as a base setup and had to change the differential values. I could reach 47th place at Suzuka in WTTC Competition ;-)

    I've noticed that setting the wheel to 900° is helping a lot. I played for sometime with default value (around 540°) and thought I should set it to something around 360° to make it more responsive. But there is a lot of wheel spin and the change of gear on acceleration is not smooth. For example I reach max RPM at 2nd gear, but suddenly it drops back to almost the minimum, before increasing again to max RPM and being able to engage 3rd gear.

    I've also noticed that tire's temperature remains at 95 (in, middle, out), so perhaps I should rather do the setup in a training session to see the impact of my changes on the tire's temperature. But it is very difficult because it looks like setups have not a big impact on the tire's temperature. I always have 1 to 2 degrees difference between inner and outer temp, whatever the camber value I'm using.

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  10. Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan

    Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan
    Mr. C Premium

    @dvarrin hi,
    The explanation for 900 is that the wheels have more movement and it's smoother also, very low rotation is like having a keyboard and we know that's not fast.
    Tire Temps don't think they work, did a 30+sec burnout in M1 procar and tires only went 2 degrees up, you should focus the setup on what you feel and what you want.
    I for one like a neutral setup, no understeer no oversteer but sometimes like wtcc14 Honda on Bathurst I live a very very tiny amount of lift-off oversteer so I can correct corners,the point is that I am at my fastest when I am comfortable with the car (neutral setup) this applies to most simracers, they are fast with their own setup, alien's in the other hand can take any setup and drive the **** out of it.
    Here's a tip to improve leaderboard, you have a leaderboard time now try to match it in practice mode (no line or ghost) and when you reach the time try to hit 4-5 laps within 0.5 when this is complete go back on leaderboard and choose someone that's half a second faster.
    Good luck
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  11. I could reach 21st place (slightly below 2:02:000) in the WTTC Challenge at Suzuka. At the beginning I was not able to lap below 2:04:000. Then following the advice from Mr. C, I took the car setup from Kevin Roting as my base setup. I've changed the differential parameters and also the gear ratios and was able to make a lap in 2:02:6xx. I've also set the maximum wheel rotation to 900° and the lock to 32, what helped the tires to avoid to slip too much.

    I had many problems all around the track and I want to explain you what I did to solve them.
    I've first read one of the documents in Mr. C's OneDrive folder, and decided to try the front hood view instead of the cockpit view. I've also removed specular effects, because it was disturbing me a bit too. This helped me all over the lap to take a better racing line and better reach the apex of all turns.

    For the few S turns at the beginning, I mainly played with Differential power and coast parameter. When I was accelerating, I had a lot of understeer, so I had to increase the power parameter. But when entering the corners, there was a lot of oversteer, especially in turns 1 and 2, and I reduced the coast parameter to have a more neutral car on entry.

    It was a bit difficult for me to find a good approach for turn 2. What worked well then was to downshift about one gear per second (5th ... 4th ... 3rd ... 2nd). We don't have to brake hard for both turns. We brake really slowly and try to have a nice and smooth trajectory through turns 1 and 2 and downshifting progressively.

    Then for the Dunlop curve, I had to change the 4th gear ratio, because I had to shift right before the track was becoming flat, and I was losing some significant power.

    For turn 8, using the front hood view helped me to adopt a better trajectory.

    Turn 9 seems really slow. At the beginning I was braking a lot and had no grip remaining to enter the curve. Then I applied less brake and it was much easier and faster to take the turn.

    For turn 10 ... well, it shouldn't not be a big deal! ;-)

    For turn 11, using the canopy view also helped me to have a better trajectory and to reach the apex. We try to be as much as possible on the right of the track before the entry and try to be right on the apex and be back on throttle as soon as possible.

    Turns 13 and 14 are an other difficulty of this track. It is very easy to enter too fast in turn 13, and it is even easier to completely miss the apex of turn 14.
    I had to brake a little on the entry for turn 14. But either I was braking too much and loosing too much time, or I was not braking enough and could not downshift to 2nd gear, making me miss the apex. I simply used a longer 2nd gear and it was then possible to downshift easier and better reach the apex.

    Casio Triangle was also a tricky part. The idea is to brake as late as possible, but to remain as much as possible to the right at the exit of the right turn to optimize the trajectory through the second turn to the left for the following straight. It is very easy to cut the second turn to the left, so be careful.

    That's it! I wanted to share with you how I could improve my lap time on this track. The driving skills are more important than a perfect car setup, and we should first try to drive well all along the track. But if you always encounter some oversteer or understeer in a turn and you can pass it well only one time in ten laps, then it is better to make a small adjustment to the setup.

    An alien can make a good time with any car setup, but as I'm not at all an alien, I try to modify the setup a bit to avoid it to challenge my driving skills too much :)

    And don't neglect the canopy view. For sure that's more enjoyable with the cockpit view, but for those kind of challenges it looks like we have to sacrify some fun.

    I still think I could take some corners a little better, and thus I could a bit improve my lap time. But it is becoming really hard :)

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