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WTCC 2008 full pack by SchumiBCN

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by maxs, Dec 24, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]

    here it is :


    could i ask someone kind to make this mod driveable in online version ? , because now it work only with offline :/

    i even tried to do that by myself but no effect :] however any other seasons for this great game are always welcome :>

    and if soemone would like to play it offline you can download it from that link

    i would like to have a new icon for WTCC 2008 season like you see on this picture for BTWC :

  2. hope you told Schumi you have posted this link...LOL !!!!

    also Petra is releasing a stand alone WTCC 2008 mod in the near furture

    should be offline and online

    I will have WTCC 2005 out soon :)
  3. Schumi and Petra will release the 2008 WTCC Mod.
  4. i hope they will , btw i didnt had to ask them the link is on virtualr :]
  5. Outlaw1. Have you any previews of your 2005 mod anywhere? I've been wondering if anyone would do one.

    Will it have the Ford Focus in it?

    Sorry about all the questions but I'm interested to have a 2005 mod available.
  6. great ce wtcc 2008
  7. Cool, looking forward to playing it.

    2005 was the season that the BMW E46 was used by the factory teams isn't it? I'm hoping it is as I really enjoy driving the E46 but it's marginally slower than the E90.

    I remember seeing possibly for rFactor a Ford Focus. There is one (A MK1) in the VLN2005 Mod and I think there was a conversion of the car (A MK2) modelled for Richard Burns Rally. Can't remember if it was the Mk1 or MK2 Focus in the WTCC 2005 though.

    Anyway thanks for your efforts in advance of release:laugh2:
  8. Sweet :)
  9. great work nice looking cars