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WTCC 08 server and volvo

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Mike Roe, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. Running a WTCC 08 server and anyone who selects the Volvo gets booted as a cheat, anyone else seen this??
  2. Which Volvo, C30 or S60?
  3. Oh! So it looks like you may have to have STCC to use the Volvo C30 on-line?? I wonder if that was intended by Simbin, or a bug?
  4. It's the c30, I have STCC but i still get kicked, all other cars seem to work as we had people on in the Lada and the TDI Seat. Just the volvo giving probles.

    On a seperate note we have problems with all race ON and STCC servers going back to first track in rotation when vote is passed for next event or when we kick server to go to next event, hopefully SimBin have a patch on the way :)
  5. You need STCC installed on the server running WTCC08 to be able to use the volvo so I'm guessing the client also needs STCC :( not very good if thats the case.
  6. Volvo
    If the server has STCC, then those with STCC & RaceOn, will be golden. If the server is running STCC then those with only *RaceOn* will get booted as a cheat.. same in reverse. Tested this on our team server & Yves also tested this with the RD server. seem's it's a Simbin bug with many others since the release of RaceOn... NO date as to when it's going to be fixed if at all..

    Hope this helps :)
  7. This is what was happening on our server:

    1. The server had Raceon installed but no STCC - people were getting booted when selecting the volvo (i had STCC installed and got booted)

    2. Installed STCC on the server and now i can select the Volvo and not get booted.

    3. I need to get someone who doesn't have STCC to try and use the Volvo on the server to see what happens :)


  8. I don't have STCC, so jot your server details down and I'll try to join for you :)
  9. It's the 100mbit wtcc server, cheers Matt