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WTCC 07 @ Spa-Francorchamps 04 Wednesday September 17th 2008

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Yves Larose, Sep 15, 2008.

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  1. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    USA time zone event


    Welcome USA time some event.

    This race is primarily aimed towards our members in the United-states, Canada, and South America so the race times are set for that zone. However, we welcome entrants from other timezones who would like to race at this time and help us to maximize our starting grid.
    The only thing we ask is that priority be given to US/Canada and south american members since they often don't get the opportunity to race other events.

    For this event, we will use the WTCC 07 cars and will use the Spa-Francorchamps 04 track

    Signups will close 1Hr before the Practice start time

    Event details
    Game: Race 07
    Date: Wednesday September 17th 2008
    Server: RaceDepartment.com USA
    Car: WTCC 07
    Skins: Custom skins allowed.
    Circuit: Spa-Francorchamps 04 (click here) ***

    *** For those who don't have access to No Grip, here is another link to the track. (rapidshare..easy filehosting)

    Password: click here

    Please recheck the password, it has changed.

    Please take note that the time of the event have been changed from the previous ones

    Event schedule (GMT time)
    Practice: 1:30 GMT, 30 mins (9:30 pm Eastern daytime)
    Qualifying: 2:00 GMT, 30 mins (10:00 pm Eastern daytime)
    Race: 2:30 GMT, (10:30 pm Eastern daytime)
    Laps: 2 by 10 laps

    Server settings
    Allowed driving aids: Auto clutch/auto gears
    Weather: Dry
    Failures: Normal
    Start: Standing

    Please use the following format for sign up:

    Name on RD forum:
    Name in game:
    Your Country:
    Special remarks:


    *** Prepared to step aside to make room for US/Canada members if needed.

    1. Yves Larose - BMW E90
    2. Nico Major - BMW E90 ***
    3. Chris Buchanan - Chevy
    4. Corey Theman - Undecided
    5. Frank Sutton - BMW E90
    6. Timothy Miller - Seat Leon
    7. Geofredo Rosario - Chevy ***
    8. Steve Emmons - BMW E90
    9. Gaynall Hudgins - Seat Leon
    10. Pierre Higgins - Chevy
    11. Andrew Evans - Seat Leon ***
    12. Warren Dawes - Chevy ***
    13. Nils Wijk - BMW E90
    14. Gary Lennon - Cheeky Alfa


  2. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    Name on RD forum: Yves Larose
    Name in game: Yves Larose
    Your Country: Canada
    Control: logitech wingman formula force
    Car: BMW E90
    Special remarks: lets see how this one will go :pound:
  3. If there is enough interest in this event I will consider getting out of my bed at 4 a.m. (local time) because I like Spa soooo much. I will tell you definitely at the day of the event in case I actually do. My car would be the BMW E90.

  4. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Consider your sign up cancelled Sol. I strongly recommend you to reply to the private message you and your "twin" got before last saturday's race of the WTCC league.
    If there is no reply coming don't look strange if the RD door might be closed next time you log in to the forum !
  5. I would like to run in a Chevrolet Lacetti, I know I'll be in last place but racing with others is pretty high on the list

    Name on RD forum: Chris Buchanan
    Name in Game: Chris Buchanan
    Country: USA((EST))
    Car: Chevrolet Lacetti
    Control: Logitech Joypad
    Special Remarks: I plan on making it but cannot guarantee due to recent weather events.
  6. Name on RD forum: Corey Theman
    Name in game: Corey Theman
    Your Country: U.S.A.
    Control: logitech g25
    Car: honda accord
    Special remarks: I'll be there
  7. Name on RD forum: Frank Sutton
    Name in game: Frank Sutton

    Your Country: USA
    Control: G25
    Car: BMW E90
    Special remarks: I am slow.....
  8. I'll be there...With Bells on!

    Name on RD forum: Timothy Miller
    Name in game: Timothy Miller
    Your Country: USA
    Control: MOMO Logitech Force Feedback Racing Wheel
    Car: SEAT Leon (of course)
    Special remarks: Love the new starting time! :amen: I'll be using my new skin that I'm trying to show off. I will post it here after dinner when I get on again. Thanks Yves for setting this up!!!! :peace:

    Here is the link for the skin.

    ...It is personalized as well...


    I thought it was a nice touch...

    Attached Files:

  9. Name on RD forum: Geofredo Rosario
    Name in game: Geofredo Rosario
    Your Country:Macau
    Control: MOMO
    Car: Chev
    Special remarks: #$%^&*(
  10. Name on RD forum: Steve Emmons
    Name in game: Steve Emmons

    Your Country: USA
    Control: G25
    Car: BMW E90
    Special remarks: First time in BMW. It should be amusing to watch.:)
  11. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    :pound: Steve if you need anyhelp for the setup just ask me :p
  12. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose


    i have been advice that it have a problem on spa-francorchamps, if you enter the pitlane don't use the pit speed limiter function control your speed the old fashion as using the pit speed limiter function will end your race.
  13. Name on RD forum: Gaynall Hudgins
    Name in game: Gaynall Hudgins
    Your Country: :usa2:
    Control: G25
    Car: Seat
    Special remarks: SPA!
  14. You are most generous oh Great One. I can use ALL the help I can wheedle, cajole, and whine for.:becky: It's been about 6 months since I even tried the bmw. You've witnessed the outcome --- I'm driving the Honda in the wtcc. First question -- where the heck is 6'th gear?:pound:

    Will run some laps tonight to see what happens.:rolleyes:
  15. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    Steve the 6th gear on the bimmer its the "R" on the shifter, i stand for rapidos :pound::pound::pound:
  16. Name on RD forum:Pierre Higgins
    Name in game:Pierre Higgins
    Your Country:canada
    Car:Chevrolet (valvoline skin)
    Special remarks:earlier hein, thanks Yves
  17. Noob question. What does 2 x 10 laps mean? 20 laps?
  18. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

    hi Frank, it mean that we do 2 races of 10 laps each, after the first race the starting grid is inverse like this, the one that finish 8th in the first race start first in the second race and the 7th place start second and so go on.
  19. oh so I'll be in first sometime during the sessions then eh??
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