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WTCC 06 @ Magny Cours - Wedensday 3rd August 2011

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Nick Brooke, Aug 1, 2011.

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    Required RACE 07 expansions: None
    Class: WTCC 06
    Track: Magny Cours 06
    Practice: 19:00 GMT
    Qualification: 19:30 GMT
    Warm-up: 19:45 GMT
    Race: 19:55 GMT 2x25 Minutes
    Password: click here

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  2. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose
    Premium Member

    Server is up!
  3. 2 great races tonight with some great driving all round

    race 1 lucked a bit into 3rd place but over driving popped me down to 4th with damaged suspension. (still a lucky wotsit to only lose 1 place). spent a lot of the race looking at andreas nilssons rear end (and a very nice one it is too!) got a chance near the end to pass - i guess the bmw tyres were away but my toledos were holding out well. finished 3rd.

    race 2 another wee error saw me tumble to the back of the field. climbed up the field and probably gave martin leyfield (i think) a bit of a fright when i went 90 deg to the track in t1. held it... but left a fair bit of rumber in the air!!! pushed on up towards kieron and peter. peter made a wee error and that put me on the back of him with about 12 minutes togo. well... best 12 minutes racing i've had in a long time!!! we swapped places that many times i lost count. leon v toledo but this time the leon won.

    really enjoyed it and thanks to those that raced and RD for hosting.
  4. Fantastic race one and two for me. Two 8th places and two sub 1:50's which is very good for me on this fuel load.

    Race 1:
    Had a few racing incidents. Hope nobody complains. I had a good fight with an Orange Seat who had spun off the track and was making up places. I let him go in the end because he would have got past me eventually and I was loosing time defending. On the last lap I was 9th and my car started to judder at the second hairpin at the start of sector three. The guy behind was about ten seconds away so I eased right off and managed to get over the line without running out of fuel. The guy in front was not so lucky and he ran out and came to a stop so I got 8th.

    Race 2:
    I was second on the reverse grid. I decided to pull over and let everyone go because I am a but clumsy when surrounded. I was aching a bit after the excitement of race one but got into a steady rhythm once I got 8th place (I think it was about half way through the race).

    I was amazed at how much later I was braking in the Toledo for the first hairpin. I managed two overtakes from miles behind BMWs.
  5. toledo is mighty on the brakes
  6. Mark Gormley

    Mark Gormley
    #14 | The Silent Killer

    A good tight Race 1, finished 4th I believe from 15th on the grid, crashed out at the start of Race 2 by just not paying attention.
  7. Good racing tonight fellas. Qualy went well, starting in 2nd i think...i've only ever done a 10 lap race on the game so far so i wasn't prepared for just how much my tyre would fall off on the base set-up. Apologies to Donald on the 1st lap, i locked up and had nowhere to go, but apart from that the 1st race was going ok in 3rd until i had a stop-go followed by another almost straight away :D Race was pretty much over at this point so on to race 2! Managed to hold onto 1st place for a good few laps, but with a good few mistakes on my part i was down to second. Luckily i managed to hold onto the leader forcing him into the odd mistake, until more mistakes on my part dropping me down into 3rd. Tyre wear was killing me by about lap 8 and i struggled all over the track, dropping me down into 4th which is where i ended up come the finish. Good racing and some great pace tonight guys...thanks again :D
  8. Video of my lunges and block passes

    Please could people tell me if the lunges and block passes below are bad. Personally I use mirrors and my ears to know if someone is going for a lunge down the inside and I give them enough space if the alternative is contact but in the instances below I probably should not have gone for some of the passes because I had not 'won' the corner.

    At 1:52 is when I noticed a tiny drop in revs on the last lap telling me that I was about to run out of fuel so I immediately eased right back and switched to economy mode because I had a ten second contusion. The guy in front should have done the same. I remember one race where I turned off the engine and coasted down a hill then restarted the engine at the bottom of the hill to try and get over the finish line (but I failed a few yards away from the line).
  9. just remembered it was Michael Talacka. a good nights sleep helped the brain recall :)
  10. I was in the BMW at 0:31 that you lunged at. To be honest I thought at the time It was a bit optimistic of you and the video confirms I was right on the apex. The BMW just doesn't have the stopping power hence why you were getting so close under brakes. No harm done though, it was no biggie.

    Thanks for the racing guys, like Rich it was my first time out having only picked up Race07 a week or so back. It was an eye opener for sure. Quali'd 7th for race one but over a race distance I wasn't fully prepared for how the car would behave and how much I would destroy the tyres !!! I have much learning to do, was great fun though and I managed a few nice battles along the way..

    Well done to the winners !
  11. Mark Gormley

    Mark Gormley
    #14 | The Silent Killer

    Hi Martin, I thought I'd chip in with my view on it, though I am by no means an authority on the subject and prone to a bit of bashy-bashy myself.

    The first hairpin was probably a bit optimistic; taking two cars in one corner always seems like fun but racecraft will tell us that because the Honda is looking up the inside of the other Toledo (me :D) he probably isn't as aware of his own inside as much as he would be. Also, if you pause at 0:10 you can see that you are off the track. (RD uses the same rule as the FIA in that two wheels must be inside the white lines at all times unless otherwise specified at particular corners on particular tracks, such as Brands and Adelaide).

    The move at 0:31 was also too far out, I personally glance in my mirrors just after braking and try and judge the trajectory of the car behind based on that, had I been in the BMW I would have deemed you too far back to likely be inside me and closed the door. I think if that BMW wasn't there you'd have gone off. I always give extra consideration to BMW drivers as they can't just power out of oversteer the same as everyone else. Again it seems you put all four wheels off the track.

    You probably pushed the Leon over too far at 1:02. Again the rumble strip does not count as the track so you effectively pushed him off the track.

    Sorry if this comes across as preachy, not my intent. I always appreciate constructive criticism on my own driving so I thought I'd try and be helpful.

    P.S. What did you use to capture the video? I used fraps but it seems rather jumpy. Thanks.
  12. Overall agree with Mark's comments. Think 1 and 2 were a bit over optimistic.

    3 is ok but you did take a big chunk off the apex.

    4 looked pretty good at the hairpin and the defensive move looked a firm door shut ala schumacher (maybe could have left a little more room though)
  13. Thanks RD this was awesome.

    Qualified 9th with a 1.49.109 sec just a pity i could not do that 1.48.... that i manged to do in Practice 2.

    Race 1 was so awesome, going into the first "Slow corner" Turn 3 I made light contact as you can see on the video "Peugeot 407" but I did not cut corner so please tell me if im correct or wrong. I was then i P8, after lap 1 I was in P7 right behind the BMW of Andreas Nilsson. I then made a mistake and lost out to Marco Sbordoni and Peter Bartfai whcih I battled with the hole race thanks guys :) Just a pity my tires did not last was struggling with grip last 3 laps.

    Race 2 started in P3 how does this inverted grid work??? Because not everyone was inverted... Anyways had a great start and kept 3rd then come lap 2 Peter Bartfai made a little mistake going into turn 2 I then had better speed going out the corner, then heading towards Turn 3 "Slow Corner" I was sandwiched between Jari Aikio and Peter I thought that was going to turn into tears but it did not :) Then lap 3 turn 2 i ran wide and opened the door for Artyom Aslamazyan, Peter Bartfai and Donald Leung :( I then kept Peter very honest for his 5th place for more than 5 laps we were battling fot that 5th place until on lap 09 he touched the grass going into turn 1 and overturned the car right in front of me wow that was scary LOL then rest of race I managed to keep the gap between me and guysbehind me constant. Thanks again RD a 7th and a 5th im really glad for those results and along with the clean driving :)
  14. Top 8 finishers reverse
  15. Thanks for the feedback guys. I knew I did bad. Just got confirmation. If every I make a place by having four wheels over the line again I will surrender it. I will be more careful at hairpins in future. Well done Keiron for showing how it should be done.

    I am glad I gave the place back to the Orange Leon. Putting him on the grass was a bit harsh but I knew I cut the next chicane to stay ahead.

    I have not done RD for a while. I think they used to have endorsements so I was a bit worried I would get one.
  16. You wont get any slaps on the wrist unless somethign is brought to the attention of the staff by one of the racers. As no one has come to me and said anything ill just give my view that yes indeed the move into the hairpin was very optimistic :)
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