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WTCC 06/07 @ Padborg Park- Friday June 11th, 2010

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Racing Club & Leagues' started by Eric Nelson, Jun 6, 2010.

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    Class: WTCC 06/07

    Track: Padborg Park .

    Weather: variable! use link for forecast
    [COLOR=red][B]weather link[/B][/COLOR] ****Harrislee, DEU is the closest city for weather reports****

    Start Time: 21:45 EST / 18:45 WST / 01:45 GMT (Saturday)

    Practice: open server

    Qualification: 10 mins SUPERPOLE (9:45 PM EDST)

    Warmup: 10 mins

    Race: 2x20 laps w/
    1 mandatory pit stop for 2 tires

    Notes: Click here to read the password and golden rules!

    We have a fresh, new way of reporting and punishing incidents in the Racing Club, using an infractions system - read more here

    You are actively encouraged to use this system - we like to keep driving standards high - so if you feel you were wronged in any way during an event simply send the event organiser a private message detailing the incident including a youtube video. Do not post reports/accusations in the thread itself - negativity and anger gets us nowhere.

  2. This event is for the "kid from downunder" Rhys Gardiner! Rhys has been racing here at RD before me and has been a HUGE part of the scene in the Friday Nights WTCC/STCC events and the ATCC league. I have watched Rhys really gain some seroius speed and Racecraft but his first Friday Night touring car win had eluded him for more than a year! He found himself in position to win more than once and fate just kept snatching it from him............

    Well Rhys finally broke the barrier and got a solid win at Bridgehampton driving a Chevy! Go figure man. The Factory Alfa Romeo driver scored in a GM! LOL

    HE now backed up that win with a beauty at Elkhart Lake 08 last week holding KEith Barrick at bay for the top spot! Could this be a trend?

    When the race concluded at Bridgehampton he was ecstatic about the win and rightfully so. I asked if he'd like to pick the next track for Friday Night in honor of the victory. He replied with PADBORG PARK!

    So Rhys here ya go man! Good on ya Mate! Cheers!
  3. Entry List:

    1. Eric "Bat Man" Nelson
    2. Michael "Uncle Sam" Carver
    3. Joao Borges
    4. Kevin "big oil" Hopkins -Skin
    5. Glenn "mile high" Petersen
    6. Robert "lift off" Isles
    7. Paul Wood
    8. Willie "Rembrandt" Watt
    9. Linus "stock car" Brostrom
    10. Jesper Tauborg
    11. Daniel Wood
    12. Keith "Iceman" Barrick - Skin
    13. Tyler " silent assasin" Scurlock
    14. Michael "father time" Scheppingen
    15. Frank "beamer" Anderson
    16. Brendan "Sydney" Crosby - Skin
    17. Claudio Caferri
    18. driver
    19. driver
    20. driver
    21. driver
    22. driver
    23. driver
    24. driver
    25. Stefan Werner (maybe)
  4. Make sure you consult the weather link for the forecast on raceday! We will be "transporting" ourselves there which means the hours you should use in the details is the local time (9:45 PM) as listed in our race announcement! So check the weather for 9:45 PM and beyond in the forecast page!!!!!
  5. Sign me up ... gotta make up for lost ground due to my DNF in Race 2 at Mosport.
  6. Joao Borges

    Joao Borges

    Sign me up please. Hopefully this time I won't screw up in the race!
  7. Kevin Hopkins

    Kevin Hopkins

    sign me up please
  8. HI all, Eric please put me down for a maybe.
  9. sign me up
  10. Scadinavia? Touring Cars? I'm there :)
  11. I'm there, too.
  12. Twice Glenn?!

    I couldn't beat one of you last race - hell knows what I'll do against two of you :)
  13. Sign me up :)
  14. Auto-signup? Awesome! :D

    Thanks for running this track, Eric... It's a tight, twisty number that's sure to provide good racing.
  15. Sign me up please :)
  16. Ohh! haha. That's how much I look forward to these races!
  17. sign me up please. this will be my school graduation celebration race so i'm hoping to do well :)
  18. I'm in.
  19. The track link has been updated to a newer version that corrects a couple of items in the track file. PLease download the track file again from the link in the info page if you installed the file prior to today!

    6/7/10 08:34 EST
  20. Sgn me up please, this event filled up fast