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[WT] Spa-Francorchamps pictures

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Mark Aalberts, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. World Trophy Spa-Francorchamps pictures

    First batch of pictures from World Trophy are done, for now i will provide it with a download link from Megaupload but this will be replaced within the next days as they will be uploaded at FSR webspace. I hope everyone will like the quality, its about the best i can get and the pictures are done in 1024-768. Will try to cover as many teams as possible, and hopefuly tomorow the WC pictures are done.:cool:

    Download FSR WT Spa package (Save target) >> http://www.formula-simracing.net/images/stories/Pictures/Package/FSR%20WT%20Spa.rar

    Kind regards,
    Mark Aalberts
    Ghostspeed World Trophy racing driver
    Press department member.
  2. Awsome stuff mark, some really nice work there :D
  3. Great pics there Mark :) Shame you dont have any of my spectacular 3 car pile up xD :p
  4. Yeah i was thinking about it Martin couple of times actualy, however at the same point i decided to not make pictures of crashing cars. :p
  5. :( Ok Mark xD Although crashes do happen and that one was kinda spectacular :p
  6. Really good work Mark :D Hopefully we will see that again.
  7. Nice pics Mark! Well done! :D
  8. very nice work mark! Hope for more to come, because DHR LBB will bring on new helmets ;)