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WT Hotlaps needed for WT Season Highlights

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Ron Squire, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. Hi there

    as in progress of making the season highlights for the 2012 WT i decided to put on the hotlap mini videos like in Simons WC Highlight Vids and if i need to do this i need a clean hotlap from 14 drivers from the WT This season

    (was going to be 15 but i have chosen Chris de Jong that have taken for the Brazialian GP Hotlap since it would be time wasting and disrespectful to change the 'In Memory of Carlos Hamilton' livery)

    They must be Clean and Mistake Free if you can hope you look foreward to the Season Highlights Video in Late December

    Ron Squire

    P.S. if any Ghostspeed drivers wish to do one i suggest doing one from Hungary-Brazil to avoid confusion with the livery/car changes midseason
  2. Here is the List of Locations that the Drivers That are having their Hotlaps in the Video

    Updated: 10th December 2012 4:50pm

    AUS: Jackson Wendt (Collected)
    MAL: Milan Radivojevic
    CHI: Jackson Wendt
    MON: Jackson Wendt
    CAN: Eduard Kore (Collected)
    GBR: Tommy Nilsson
    HUN: Jonathan Holmes (Collected)
    SPA: Antonio Kolarec (Collected)
    BEL: Antonio Kolarec (Collected)
    ITA: N/A
    GER: N/A
    JAP: Scott Wilde
    KOR: Scott Wilde
    UAE: Jackson Wendt (Collected)
    BRA: Chris de Jong (Confirmed)

    Deadline For names to go on the list has passed now those on the list that the hotlaps i havent collected i need them in by 7pm 15th December
  3. Can I put an entry in for Abu Dhabi? I am on my iPod at the moment so I can't uploa the file for about 8 hours but I will.. :)
  4. sure
  5. Where do you want me to send it to?
  6. r.j.s.3@hotmail.com or on Skype: ron.squire1995 the file can be either MP4, WMV or AVI as it will take a long time for me to convert the VCR to AVI
  7. That might be a bit of a problem then.. :) my computer sucks at making rFactor videos! :p so sorry about that then..
  8. actually send the VCR file i can screen capture it
  9. Ok, I will but here is an example of what I mean by sucks at quality
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  10. 2 things
    1, Quality doesnt Matter
    2, make sure its onboard
  11. ok will be done.. :)
  12. thank you
  13. I will send my slow lap of Hungary :thumbsup: Abu Dhabi and Brazil would have been my best to send but they're taken now and I cba finding hotlaps for the other tracks, so I'l use this one as its easy to send. My Q1 lap :p
  14. I can't send the file through email, as it is too big.. I will try to send it through skype when you accept my request.. Regards Jackson
  15. ok the requests have been saved
  16. I'll send you my Montreal lap in the evening if you wish.

    Eduard Kõre
  17. Well done Eduard i shall update list with your lap in Canada
  18. If Brasil is taken,I can send Sepang hotlap
  19. yes you can
  20. well is that me on the video, nice Jackson, but a little more quality, the song was great, i want to see this onboard and fights... nice
    see you in 2013 and i hope to have that so clean fights together mate
    T. Eziroglou
    Thunder Racing Team
    \o/ \o/ \o/
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