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WT Highlights - Round 9, Valencia

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Ron Squire, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. Here at long last is the return of the WT Highlights for FSR, beginning with valencia :thumbsup:

    Thanks to Simon Adebisi for the Designs
    Thanks to Jaakko Mikkonen for helping me restoring the sound properly
    Thanks to Eduard Mallorqui for Post-race Checks
    Thanks to Jonathan Holmes, Tuomas Koriala, Carlos Martin and Kevin Siggy for their Continued Support


    Apologies for the Sound of the cars, will think straight and use Audicity next time
    If you think this was delayed on uploading then i am sorry its 1080p and it does take longer ya know :D
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  2. Nice job, but what happend to your microphone @ 6:18 :O .
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  3. Finnaly something good to watch. Great job!
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  4. 0:52 'Due to getting a back of the grid penalty from Hungary, Mark Aalberts will have to start at the back of the grid'. :roflmao:

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  5. i tried to reduce the speed of comments made on that clip to fit it in but it didnt go well
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  6. The way how he spell my name at 1:28 is the funniest thing I heard in last several months :D hahahahahahhha

  7. Not a bad effort Ron, your voice was much clearer, and it seemed like you had a script which is good. A few little glitches to fix, but a good effort non the less.. I do like the head camera effects!! More of that please.. :) maybe to start the race though..
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  8. Good job Ron!
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  9. Well, it was unexpected to see my video in the background during the track information and grid! :p I'l let you use it ;)

    Definitely getting better Ron. 4:35 black screen? Make sure to proof check your video after completing it so you can fix those parts :thumbsup:
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