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WSRDO (Welsh Sim-Racing Driver Organisation)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Ron Squire, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. Hello Everyone

    Yesterday, me and a couple of lads have started a Organisation dedicated to Welsh SimRacers and Today we have decided to promote the Group on RaceDepartment in a hope of aiding and flourishing Welsh SimRacing Talent, anyone from Wales can join either if you are Independent or in a Racing Team, we need more Welsh People in serious simracing and we the WSRDO can provide that

    Thank You for Reading this and hope you join us soon
    Helo pawb

    Ddoe, mi a chwpl o hogiau wedi dechrau Sefydliad ymroddedig i SimRacers a heddiw Cymru, rydym wedi penderfynu i hyrwyddo'r grŵp ar RaceDepartment mewn gobaith o helpu ac yn ffynnu Cymraeg SimRacing Talent, gall unrhyw un o Gymru yn ymuno naill ai os ydych yn Annibynnol neu mewn Tîm Rasio, mae angen i bobl mwy o Gymraeg yn simracing difrifol ac ni all y WSRDO yn darparu bod

    Diolch i chi am ddarllen hwn a gobeithio y byddwch yn ymuno â ni cyn bo hir

    Yours Sincerely / Yr eiddoch yn gywir

    Ron Squire

    FB Link Here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/244828349010390/
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  2. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford
    Premium Member

    Just out of curiosity, why do we need more welsh people in sim racing?:coffee: Could you not start an Icelandic sim racing team? I don't know many people from there. Also, I hear that the Nicaraguan branch of sim racing needs developing. There is also a drastic need for new commentators. If they're Welsh and speak ENglish, that's fine by me but going global might get more variety and quality.

    p.s. WHo is Pawb? Is he friend of Bob?:cautious:
  3. Pawb is everyone in Welsh

    we need more Welsh Racers because we feel we dont get recognized most of the time, i mean their are rarely about 5 Welsh Sim-Racers in the world and we need to find more that is all
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  4. Still looking for drivers
  5. English living in wales :) I would join but I think we all know how we feel about each other ;)
  6. I have driven in a few leagues.. here are some of my highlights. I'm in the Shadow in both videos.

    Led for 21 laps out of 35 in the first video.. then got punted off at the last corner of the last lap.

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