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Wrong posted mods (merged)

Discussion in 'MotoGP 13 Mods' started by pitti59, Aug 9, 2013.

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  2. Would it be possible for you to do numbers on request? Like replace a number in the customization with another one? For example maybe a number 1 to use?
  3. hii mate,, how to do like this, my mean, when u save to DDS format, where your choice in this step
    thank you.. ;)
  4. can you make for number 90 ?? pls
  5. i use the Mixfile ReMixer and paint.net ! :)
    so sorry, but i can't help you for this ^^
  6. i think it's possible ! :)
    when i have the time ;)
  7. i can try it yes :)
  8. ah, yaa, i know now,,,
    this my creation.. jajajaja....
  9. looks good ! :)

    the next thing i try is sponsors on the mirror of the cockpit ! :)
  10. I really hate to be a pain, but if whenever you have the time to create a number 1 and a number 7 to use. Anyone is welcome to try! :D
  11. how do you do ??
    can you teach me ??
    its easy if i can do it .. no need to request at you .. :)

    sory bad english .. :D
  12. i
    should it be sticker bomb or another creation ? :)
  13. download "Mixfile ReMixer"
    read the describtion how to use it
    download paint.net
    open the files you want
    edit it how do you like ;)
  14. The screenshot was taken in Photoshop's NVIDIA Texture Tools (plugin to handle DDS) right?

    motogp 13 font is DXT5, you have chosen the right format.
  15. Depends........ the large file's are Dx1,believe the large Mask file is DXt5 aswell. 1 small file is Dxt 1 aswell , and then one is dxt5, just select them in your windows exploere and the info will show on how to save
  16. Dude thank you! Well, I don't mind, you could make a couple! But even its just white with no filling, maybe just white with a black outline, I really don't mind!
  18. A tutorial of some sort from somebody would be appreciated unless requests are easier? :)
  19. where is the location of the career number files ?
  20. GFX\CUSNUMBERS\PICTURES for the front number sticker And for the small menu' numbers and scoreboard stuff
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Not open for further replies.