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Wrong camera

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Dave Wild, Mar 31, 2015.

  1. Dave Wild

    Dave Wild

    I have set my default view to cockpit and that's what shows in the monitor view before you click the arrow to go to the car. However the view then is a trackside camera looking from the pit wall towards the pits. If I then 'escape' back to player list and monitor view the monitor is now showing that trackside camera view.
    This happened after the last update to v 1.3.
    How do I get the cockpit view to stay?

  2. Nox

    Staff Premium

    That's very odd; maybe something isn't right in the PLR file re: default view? Take a look. Otherwise I have no clue whatsoever.
  3. Happened to me too. Had to start a new player file and and all was well again.
  4. Dave Wild

    Dave Wild

    I checked the PLR against the separate non-update install I have for the BES mod and can't see anything different Andrew but I'll have another check.
    Thanks Andy, a new PLR file cured it for me as well although I couldn't see any difference between the two :confused:
  5. This has happened to me a couple times and i dont know what causes it but ive always had to make a new .plr
  6. Is it possible to backup the original and copy the content back after creating the new one? I also encounter this and have to keep pressing 'Insert' to change view, and don't remember the parameters edited in the PLR file.
  7. Dave Wild

    Dave Wild

    I backed up my PLR and then copied it back but the wrong camera view came back. I had to go through my old PLR and changed those values which were different.
    Has this problem been posted in the bug thread?
  8. I see. Dang, I don't remember which parameters I've edited. That's one difficulty for those w/o experience with previous sims and not familar with the files/structure/parameters... wish there were some documentation from the developers for consumers to make good use of the game.