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WRC3 pc Interface fails

Discussion in 'WRC 4 The Game' started by Sk3ptik0n, Dec 10, 2012.

  1. I actually really like the game. Maybe because after driving the DIRT series almost anything would be better.

    In any event, this is so much better than its predecessors and it's a fun rally game. At least the stages look real.

    The problem is the interface. let me see if I can re,ember all the issues I found so far:

    1) Can no longer adjust the controller dead zones. When I first set up my G25, I was able to select all the different sliders for the pedals and wheel. Most of them deadzone and linearity. Now for some reason, the left and right arrows work, but the up and down ones don;t, so the only thing I can adjust is the FFB (Thanks god for small favors) . I really would like to be able to navigate the sliders again

    2) Car setup: Apparently, the milestone folks think that using gas and brake to navigate the car setup tabs is a wonderful idea. Heck, I was thinking of getting rid of my mouse and use my g25 pedals to do all of my computing!

    This is a huge fail because my G25 pedals are not recognized to move from tab to tab in the interface. Elsewhere I read you can use F5 and F6. Not me. I just cannot set up the car. Bummer.

    3) Replay. After finishing a stage, I'd like to see how I did. Except that there is the scoreboard in the way. No matter what I do I seem to have either the choice of the replay without sound (but music) and somewhat accelerated (Here the F5 and F6 do work) or watch the replay through the finishing classification. Maybe it's me, but I cannot see an alternative or, like the car setup, it's not working for me.

    4) This is not interface related, strictly speaking, but I cannot use my Logitech headphones because they are surround sound. Cars have no engine sound in game. So I am forced to use my ipod earbuds instead.

    I am Italian born and I know for a fact that a lot of folks in Italy have the G25 wheel. I also know that a lot of them also have separate pedals like me.

    Apparently, Milestone knows none of them. I know at least 5 Italians so equipped, but I don;t make videogames.

    Anyway, hopefully the ods will come fast and furios for this game. Especially a nice interface mod with hot spots for the mouse would be really welcome. is it really that busy? How about a overlayer with active spots?

    How can a game company release a PC game and not take a few days to build a decent mouse interface is beyond me. Big fail.
  2. Let me see if I can help by answering some of your questions:

    First off make sure you install the latest version of G25 Logitech software for your OS. Do not depend on the default MS version. Leave everything in default after install. My G25 works perfectly in the game.

    Do not use Fraps (to display fps) if you want to use the playback menu, unless you change the key assignments in Fraps,...or they will conflict with the game menu.

    The best time to make adjustments to your wheel/game is after loading the game go to the wheel settings. If you try to do it while running a stage it will not work properly,....sometimes,...it's a bug.

    WRC3 is stereo ONLY,...no 5.1 or surround mode! Also, see if you wheel works better and your game runs smoother WITHOUT your usb headphone connected!

    I will also add one more "bug" to your list,...no multiplayer chat or microphone communication!!!! This to me is my biggest complaint!

    What OS are you running?
  3. Thanks for the replay.

    I am using win7 64bit on a fairly powerful machine. I also have the latest Logitech drivers.

    I do have fraps, but I don't use it. If I have to record a replay I use the nVidia utility, but so far I haven't wanted to record a replay. I would be thrilled with just being able to watch one with the stage results covering the action.
    If I press one of the F keys the results go away, but the sound goes away too. I think it's the slow mo forward/rewind screen I am accessing, meaning that somehow during the replay I cannot get rid of the score.

    As far as mapping the keys, I think I have figured that out. I just don't seem to be able to map the keys I need to navigate the car setup tabs. Some have posted that they are able to navigate the car setup using F5 and F6, but I can't. Basically I can only setup the first tab and I cannot access the other tabs. Pretty frustrating.

    I am actually thinking of getting an Xbox style PC controller to see if with that I am able to navigate the screens better. Even if they all worked, navigating with my pedals and paddles seems a bit silly to me.

    As far as the multiplayer bug? Guess what? I have been unable to get my Gamespy ID or at least to have the game recognize it so I am stuck in SP mode. That's another gripe I have but since so far I suck at rally, that's not such a loss.

    I'll try disconnecting the Surround headphones and see how that goes, but I don't have any gripes as far as framerates and quality. Those are excellent and I am running them all at full blast. Is everything else that drives me crazy.
  4. To fix Gamespy ID you will need to down load the Gamespy client and configure it,...do a Google search for ArcadeInstallFull205-google.exe or cbsidlm-tr1_8-Gamespy_Arcade-ORG2-12315.exe. Once you have your ID and password enter it and activate it. It may come back with an error message (BUG) just disregard it and go online :)

    WRC 3 is stereo only so change your usb headphone to stereo and you will get all the sounds. I would also recommend installing the Microsoft DirectX 9 web update as WRC 3 is only Directx 9!!!

    At the first loading screen click on game settings and select F2 for wheel settings,...all the settings should work with your wheel there.

    I would take some screen shots but I've installed the game too many times while moving to windows 8 and now it won't let me activate it :( I've sent off emails to Milestone , but no response yet :( Another BUG!