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Featured WRC 6 Released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC

Discussion in 'WRC 6 The Game' started by Paul Jeffrey, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. Paul Jeffrey

    Paul Jeffrey
    Sim Racing News Editor Staff Premium

    WRC 6 6.jpg
    BigBen Interactive and Kylotonn Games have released WRC 6 for Windows PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the official game of the 2016 FIA World Rally Championship.

    The second instalment of the series now under the control of Kylotonn, WRC 6 has promised to be a vast improvement over previous editions of the series. Featuring longer, narrower stages, 1:1 scale Super Special Stages, all the cars and drivers of the series and further enhancements to the driving model all mark out WRC 6 as a potential big player in the rally game marketplace.

    WRC 6 Launch Trailer:

    The new WRC entry into the game franchise comes with free access to the 2017 WRC eSports series, local split-screen multiplayer and all the locations, teams and drivers from the 2016 season. Even though the game only launched late last night, a patch has been made available to rectify some of crashing issues experienced by a number of users.

    A wide variety of supported wheels have already been announced (read more here) and initial signs show that WRC 6 may well be a considerable improvement over the earlier versions of the franchise. If it can live up to be a DiRT Rally beater, only time will tell...

    Currently available as boxed copies or through the respective console store. However to mark the PC release, WRC is currently 20% off on Steam for a limited time.

    The WRC 6 sub forum here at RaceDepartment is the place to visit for community chat and the latest news. Check out the forum and join in the discussion today.

    WRC 6 Released.jpg WRC 6 3.jpg WRC 6 4.jpg WRC 6 5.jpg WRC 6 Released 2.jpg WRC 7.jpg

    Have you purchased WRC 6? What do you think of the game? Which platform have you purchased the game for? Let us know your opinions below!
  2. Bought it and already thinking about refunding it ,it's way too much arcade to my liking .
    I'd stick to DR if it did not introduce "VAC" ,oh well atleast we have moddable RBRSR.
  3. Alex Townsend

    Alex Townsend

    Are there any settings to reduce the arcadeness? When you say arcade you mean the entire game feels like Sega Rally or just the handling etc..?
  4. As I say here... people like it.
    WRC 6: New Preview Videos Released
    You can always find some one "who bought it and don't like it", then came to bash it all over, you know... I always wonder - well, why so fast ? Why didn't you wait for few days and see from reviews and YT videos is it really for you ?? :alien:
    It's just beyond me.
    I know I like it. :inlove:
    And major of other satisfied customers.
    And, once again, like I said in that post.. yes, there's "expert difficulty really challenging, with no flashbacks". But, I guess some of us are better than Loeb himself so that just wasn't enough hard for them.
    Gosh... wish I had those kind of skills. :rolleyes:
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  5. Game's nice,little bit too arcade for me, used to DR as i am.
    Overall i like the smooth graphics but i can't feel any Feedback on my T300, wich makes the car a bit too hard to control especially when you reach top speed or through a jump.
    Low end GPU's can handle the game at decent framerates.
    R9280x 16Gb ddr3 1600MHz FX8350 4.1GHz
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  6. Alex Townsend

    Alex Townsend

    Sorry but who are you addressing with that post?
  7. I played for about 30 minutes. I had to refund it back. I wanted to like it, but it's actually quite terrible with a wheel.
  8. Nox

    Staff Premium

    Sometimes I feel like playing a motor sports game but I don't feel like getting the wheel out, or I am too tired to put in the energy required with a wheel. Not every game has to be a simulator; I like to sit back with a controller and just relax sometimes, so I might check this one out.
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  9. Someone clearly suffering from a severe case of consolitis, I'm refunding and going back to Dirt Rally :p
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  10. Celestiale


    90 sec stages, they must be kidding. I wonder if we will ever see a Rally Sim with realistic length of stages - El Condor, or Corsica stages with 45km. Now that would be something really. There are so many good racing simulators out there, but not a single Rally sim. I wonder why that is. Is it that few people that are interested in it?
  11. I don't see what's the problem here, in all honesty.
    Too arcadish ? Too... not DiRTish ? Yeah, well... sign me in.
    And I'm getting a little bit sick with all (DiRT)talk:), where WRC 6 is presented as some kind kids rally game.
    You talking about "realistic" rally game ?
    And you name as a #1 the game that (comparing with SLRE, WRC 6 and maybe even WRC 5) have by far most unrealistic damage model, model that almost totally doesn't affect car behaving ? C'mon, really ? :laugh:

    To no one in particular. :p:rolleyes:
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  12. I actually like this title albeit I have not figured out how to bind the buttons on my gt2 wheel & g27 pedals just yet so had a quick go on the pad.
  13. rocafella1978


    purchased it and horrible, at least IMO. better than WRC5, but lightyears away from other games and devs work. not sure if they have raced on other sims, if not they should take the time to do so. I still find it all feeling floaty, just doesn't feel right or reactive.
    BUT good news is, my nephew and his buddies 7-10yrs like the game and easy for them to drive and race, which is great.
  14. Which is probably right in line with who they want to like this game. WRC titles are never going to be for the hardcore rally and/or sim fan. It's the 6th [modern] version of the title. If they wanted it to be a sim (or more sim-like) and be a closer representation of real life, they could've had it. But they don't. For all the differences, all theses WRC games seem to look and play similarly.
  15. I don't know, 31 euros for the game was a fair deal. But for me the game is stuttering with the fps even with a strong, and further some input lag for the steering wheel.
    Basically the handling model seems good but with the lag and suddenly some turn in oversteer it's so unpredictable.
    Does anybody noticed same?
  16. Where can i find a stages map for wrc 6? Cant find wene google, is it samme stages in wrc 4,5,6?