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Featured WRC 5: New Trailer

Discussion in 'WRC 5 The Game' started by Alex Franchini, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. Kylotonn Games have published a new trailer for WRC 5. The upcoming rally game is nearing release, and now we can have a gander at the Citroen DS3 zooming around some of the included stages.

    The car itself is the one driven by Kris Meeke, Mads Østberg and Khalid Al Qassimi in the real life World Rally Championship. The video depicts it racing in a variety of conditions, from sun-drenched gravel, to mud, all the way to snow.

    The trailer comes from the official WRC 5 Facebook page and the developers have confirmed in a comment that the game will feature Sébastien Loeb, which is somewhat curious since he's getting his own rally game, Sébastien Loeb Rally Evo by Milestone.

    One quibble, though: after watching the trailer several times, the car looks like it's moving at a slightly juddery, stuttery pace. We don't know if that's due to the video quality, or the game itself yet, but it's somewhat annoying. Fingers crossed the final game doesn't have any issues of the sort, lest it be swallowed by the competition.

    WRC 5 is slated for Autumn 2015 on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. What do you think of the latest trailer? Sound off in the comments!
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  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Shaping up nicely now. Looks a lot better than a few months ago.

    Good year for rally fans so far.
  3. Yes, to be honest it doesn't look that bad to me, whereas other people seem pretty critical of it. The general impression is that this is going to be a lighter, less realistic game than Dirt Rally, and there's nothing wrong with that (the old CMR games are classics).
  4. Compering to rbr the eye candy lights a fire inside me. But I do not feel optimistic at all.
  5. quicksilver384

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #85 Staff Member Premium Member

    When are they gonna make a rally game with long tracks like mobil 1 rally championship. I lost several months of my youth playing that game instead of doing my homework lol
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  6. what if dirt rally would implement a daqar expansion with long sprints where you could drive 4wd trucks, cars etc. that would be so epic together with thos ginormous landscapes of sand and rocks!
  7. It gets a lot of criticism simply because of the last few games in this series and because Kylotonn is a relatively unproven developer. Some people should just approach each new game with an open mind. I'm perfectly fine with the game not being 100% simulation as long as it's...wait for it...FUN!
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  8. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    With some ex-Simbin staff on board they actually have a (Kylo)ton(n) of experience in the race gaming industry. But we'll have to wait and see how much of their sim racing roots is transferred to the new game.
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  9. I see what you did there, no (Kylo)pun(n) intended. ;)

    Yea, I know they have a few ex-Simbin employees on board so that's why I'm optimistic.
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  10. I can only say LOL.
  11. It does keep looking better and better. I'm far more likely to buy this when it's out than another Codemasters game.
  12. LOL, same here.
    But, silly me, I remember back then... (when I couldn't know what kind mini of rally "stages" are waiting for all of us in future) I was actually complaining:laugh: about how **cking long are those stages, which wouldn't be problem for itself but combined with amazingly:confused: narrow roads in this game, roads that often have veeery steep edges that give you no margin for error and you got youself all day long entertaintment - to finish ONE stage that's it. :x3:
    You bring some memory back mate.... :inlove:
    Mobil 1 Rally Championship - GameSpot (PC) 8.9/10 ; IGN (PC) 8.8/10 ! :whistling:
    "The PC version is notable for the stages being based around real-life Ordnance Survey maps"
    (did they do that still today? doubt and even if they do, they do for like 1/8 of the actual RL track)

    Now we have advanced physic, more powerfull CPU and GPUs that can do so many more calculations then back then and some stunning, photoreal, graphic but nobody anymore gives a shi* about those long stages. Guess in this fast world we all want some QUICK fun, who got time for this gigantic stages, that you manage to finish in fifth atempt. Maybe. :)
    Anyway... back to reality... 2015AD... about this... new game, sim I mean... dunno... expectations are pretty much low, clever me, so it could only be better that that. :) I hope it will have "SIM" in itself as DiRT rally.
    At least.
    It will not have, surprise surprise, Mobil1 Rally amazingly long stages but, at least...
    it will have more than FOUR rally locations. :rolleyes:
    Oh those Mobil1 RC songs... :inlove: I still use them even today. Couldn't tell you how, someone still could sue me. :sneaky:

    Actually... this game would be a blast even today, only with some graphic updates perhaps.
    Longest rally stage you'll ever see (20 to 25 minutes to finish):

    This stage is actually from Mobil1 rally predecessor - Network-Q RAC Rally Championship.
    "The longest stage in a rally game ever is this one: Pundershaw, from Network Q RAC Rally Championship. Almost 59 kilometers long, it takes 20-25 minutes to be completed, depending on the car you'll use. I used the Skoda Felicia Kit Car which is I think the slowest car in the game and I completed the stage in slightly over 25 minutes. This stage is also present in Mobil 1 Rally Championship in a shorter form and it will be featured in my next video. Enjoy the run!"
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