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WRC 4 - FFB - Modded

Discussion in 'WRC 4 The Game' started by derVatter, Oct 30, 2013.

  1. Hello,

    It was more then disappointing, the FFB on my G25 ... like nothing, so i made my own FFB-Mod ...
    If u like, u can try on ur own ... ;-) should or could work on other wheel´s ... !!
    I used the files from "ADVANCED Physics Engine 6 - WRC 3" and have made some changes to the strength ... !!


    "HAVE FUN" ... and greetz ;-)
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2013
  2. martinsalat


    thanks speed
  3. `Where do I put these folders?

    thank you
  4. just choose one strength u want, and replace the DATA.MIX file in the WRC 4 install folder ...
  5. Hi, I got a CSR and it this mod doesn't seem to make the FFB and vibration specifically any better unfortunately. Is it possible to make one to work with this and other wheels, or maybe give a few tips? I tried opening the data.mix file with the editor you shared a link to and couldn't seem to change anything. :) It seemed kinda straight forward. Thanks for all your efforts! :)
  6. kay...talked with a friend how has the csr ... !! his setting´s are:

    in game:
    all standard
    deathzone´s to 0

    sense 360
    ff 90
    sho 90
    dri 2
    abs 99
    lin 0
    dead 0
    spr 0
    dpr 0
    acl off

    maybe try this for first :)
  7. ok thanks, I got it dialed in as well as possible. I tried everything possible, Been using a CSR for a while so I'm well versed :) For the CSR, it seems the SPR setting changes the FFB the most. those settings are pretty close to what I'm using. for me SPR is 1.

    I'm figuring ya might have to tweak that file differently for the CSR, which I'm sure you know :)

    Thanks for your help!
  8. So was playing WRC 4 a good bit now, And it really is very good. Great Graphics. Alittle different than DIRT, but as good or better IMHO. the lighting feature is just awesome, glare off puddles etc. very real and cool! the FFB is only down fall, excpect the sound disappearing now and then, for me anyway. Improving the FFB for all wheels, mostly vibration, center spring is STRONG. Thats it unless you want to tweak physic to be more sim-like. would be nice to have the option to make the handling more difficult, but it's very fun now.

    People have mentioned their FFB not working. For me, that happened, but I would just tweak a few wheel settings, then coming back to where I started, and FFB would be there. hasn't disapeared in a while now. Took only a few seconds.

    nice game overall !!
  9. for graphics u can use sweetfx maybe injectfx too, but inject i didnt tried on wrc till now...there must be something with the wheel duno ... if ill use my pad, i have much ffb effects ...
  10. the files just work with a pad, but ill try to get the wheel workin as well !!!!
  11. Hi, any progress tweaking wrc 4 ffb vibration, etc? for the CSR and others :)

    Thanks alot
  12. jimortality


    Also T500 please.

  13. HI!

    I didn't try your solution, but i found that will be not right for WRC 4 because doesn't contains already used variables like LimiterVibrationIntensity... but contains the answer in itself! :)

    I found a Rumble settings which set to 0, in WRC 3 there was 0.35 the valuse of the variable terrainVibrationIntensity.
    Read it >>
  14. Hey there, I tried your new version of the FFB mod, game crashed while launching. oh well.
    I tried tweaking the Rumble.bml file in the data.mix with the ReMixer program. Was able to change things and save a new data.mix file but game wouldn't launch. a diffrerent random file in there (loc_e.dat) would get corrupted some how and crash it.
  15. May You forgot to choose SBK X/V8...
  16. ok thanks, i'll try - I can use all the help I can get :)
  17. Hi, so still doesn't launch, but don't that loc_e.dat error, it just crashes
  18. was just one setting, but at the end ill just get the pad working but on a wheel nothing changes :-( i think there must be more changed, maybe in the car.mix but then could it be like it was in wrc 3 that u couldnt play online!!??
  19. You have to select DATA folder then mix back the files
    But it doesn't matter, because these way has no affect on FFB effects