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WRC 3 Onboard Style Camera Mod

Discussion in 'WRC 4 The Game' started by Tommi-TAG, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. WRC 3 Onboard Style Camera Mod

    I've edited "Onboard Style Camera Mod" and would like to share :)
    ( Thanks to Alvi84 for kind support. )

    * Description *
    * Onboard Style Camera Mod for WRC 3.

    * 4 Camera Positions are available, " Very Far - Far - Close - Very Close ".
    ( Please refer to the Preview Pics 01- 04 included in this archive. )

    * Including "Normal" and "Career Mode Easy Unlock Mod" versions.
    ( Note : "Career Mode Easy Unlock Mod" unlocks most of the Cars, Paints, Vinyls, Upgrades and Areas in "Road to Glory" of WRC 3.)

    * It seems "Driver's Body & Helmet" and "Co-driver" can't be displayed because of the game's specification.

    Thanks to LeMic and Luigi Auriemma for Mixfile ReMixer.

    Thanks to Milestone for this fantastic game.

    Hope you'll have a lot of fun with this Mod :) !





    * Note *
    - We can't use edited "DATA.MIX" file in online Multiplayer Mode.
    So, please note this Mod is only for offline Single Player Mode.

    * Downloads *
    WRC 3 Onboard Style Camera Mod.7z [MediaFire]

    * Installation *
    ( 1 ) Please do not forget to make a backup of the original "DATA.MIX" file in the following directory.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Milestone\WRC3\DATA.MIX

    ( 2 ) Please choose "C - Normal version" or "D - Career Mode Easy Unlock Mod version" folder.

    ( 3 ) Open the folder and choose your favorite Camera Position from the following.

    - Onboard Style Cam - Very Far
    - Onboard Style Cam - Far
    - Onboard Style Cam - Close
    - Onboard Style Cam - Very Close

    ( 4 ) Open the folder and copy and paste "DATA.MIX" file to the following directory.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Milestone\WRC3\DATA.MIX

    ( 5 ) When you play online Multiplayer Mode, please restore "DATA.MIX" file to the original from the backup.

    * Credits *
    - Thanks to LeMic for Mixfile ReMixer.

    - Thanks to Luigi Auriemma for his support to Mixfile ReMixer.
    ( http://aluigi.altervista.org/ )

    - Thanks to Milestone for WRC 3.
  2. Thx Tommi-TAG:)
    On the video, there is no movement in the cockpit.I disabled this feature in the game but camera moves when I play.
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  3. Thanks for your suggestion, Sébastien Degraeve.
    I wanted to make a video without displaying the "Split Time (displayed in the center of the HUD)", so I used the replay's onboard cam.
    At this time, we can't disable the camera movements while playing and I should have titled "Replay (Onboard & TV)", I'm sorry. And I've changed the title of the video now.
    But still, it may be a little confusing as a preview, so I decided to remove the video from my first post.
    Thanks again for your kind advice :)
  4. It's a shame that it is not possible to disable the movement of the camera.I feel that the movement is more important than bonnet cam.
    This mod is really successful!

    Thx again;)
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  5. Thanks for your kind reply and nice screenshot, Sébastien Degraeve.
    I'm relieved to hear you like the camera movement too.
    Unfortunately, WRC 3 does not have "Visible Steering Wheel" option at this time.
    But I hope Milestone will add its option and support In-car Onboard View officially in their future titles.
    Thanks again too :) !
  6. Tommi-TAG,
    Do you think it's possible to combine multiple views in game?(close cockpit+onboard)
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  7. Thanks for your suggestion, Sébastien Degraeve.
    I have the same idea and have been looking into the files.
    But I can't add new lines to the current camera file (as we can do for other titles) and it seems impossible at this time, sorry.
    If I can find a good idea, I'd like to report it.
    Thank you :)
  8. Someone asked me if you can include "onboard style camera" instead of this view:

    We could then combine your two mods;)

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  9. Thanks for your suggestion, Sébastien Degraeve.
    Unfortunately it seems to be impossible because "Front view" does not have in-car related settings. Thus, we can't replace "Front view" with "Cockpit view".
    Maybe dev. team can make it, but we can't without dev. tool and knowledge, sorry ...
  10. Do you think its possible to combine this Mod with the EC Sim Hardware Avdanced Physics (APE V.05)? Would be great having both mods working together! Thank you very much!
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  11. Thanks for comment, Amiken.
    Fortunately, ToCA Edit Racer_S seems to be working on WRC 3 Tool (maybe including Camera Control).
    Please read his comment (2nd post) here


    With this tool, we'll be able to edit Camera Positions quite easily and freely.
    So, I'd like to wait and see.
    Thank you :)
  12. Would you be so kind as to send details of just the 'Very Close' onboard camera edits so I can put them in the DATA.MIX file inside the EC Advanced physics mod?
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  13. I'm sorry for this late reply, mmpaw37 (I've not noticed, really sorry.)
    I'd like to note this modding information here too.
    We can convert the camera settings by the following way.

    - Please unpack "DATA.MIX" with Mixfile ReMixer and you'll find "CAMERAS.BML" in the following directory.


    Then convert this "CAMERAS.BML" from my Camera Mods to other Mods.

    Once understood how to use Mixfile ReMixer, It is very simple.
    Thank you :)