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WRC 3 Close Cockpit Camera Mod

Discussion in 'WRC 4 The Game' started by Tommi-TAG, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. WRC 3 Close Cockpit Camera Mod

    I've edited "Close Cockpit Camera Mod" and would like to share :)

    * Description *
    - Added 2 new Cockpit Camera Positions, "Close" and "Very Close".

    - Including "Normal" and "Career Mode Easy Unlock Mod" versions.
    ( Note : "Career Mode Easy Unlock Mod" unlocks most of the Cars, Paints, Vinyls, Upgrades and Areas in "Road to Glory" of WRC 3.)

    - Because of the limitation of the hex editing, I could not edit all cars at a time.
    Thus, I edited the following 2 versions, "(mainly for) 2WD Classes" & "(mainly for) Other Classes" versions.

    Please refer to "Close Cockpit Camera - Available Cars List.png" included in this archive.

    - I found "Look to Apex" is set to "ON" as default (for some cars) in the original camera settings file.
    This may be the reason why the Cockpit Camera movement is so large even with "Look to Apex" set to "OFF" in "Game Options" menu.
    So, I edited it and now Cockpit Camera becomes less movement.
    (As usual, you can enable "Look to Apex" in "Game Options" menu.)

    Thanks to LeMic and Luigi Auriemma for Mixfile ReMixer.

    Thanks to Milestone for this fantastic game.

    Hope you'll have a lot of fun with this Mod :) !




    * Note *
    - We can't use edited "DATA.MIX" file in online Multiplayer Mode.
    So, please note this Mod is only for offline Single Player Mode.

    * Download *
    WRC 3 Close Cockpit Camera Mod.7z [MediaFire]

    * Installation *
    ( 1 ) Please do not forget to make a backup of the original "DATA.MIX" file in the following directory.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Milestone\WRC3\DATA.MIX

    ( 2 ) Please choose "A - Normal version" or "B - Career Mode Easy Unlock Mod version" folder.

    ( 3 ) Open the folder and choose your favorite Cockpit Camera Position from the following.

    - All Classes - Default Camera Position + Less Move
    - 2WD Classes - Close Cockpit + Less Move
    - 2WD Classes - Very Close Cockpit + Less Move
    - Other Classes - Close Cockpit + Less Move
    - Other Classes - Very Close Cockpit + Less Move

    ( 4 ) Open the folder and copy and paste "DATA.MIX" file to the following directory.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Milestone\WRC3\DATA.MIX

    ( 5 ) When you play online Multiplayer Mode, please restore "DATA.MIX" file to the original from the backup.

    * Credits *
    - Thanks to LeMic for Mixfile ReMixer.

    - Thanks to Luigi Auriemma for his support to Mixfile ReMixer.
    ( http://aluigi.altervista.org/ )

    - Thanks to Milestone for WRC 3.
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  2. Tommi you the man.I can now use cockpit again, hate the FOV and the movement of default.
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  3. Thanks!
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  4. Thanks for comment, Lee.
    I had the same impression about the cockpit view, but now it becomes easy to drive.
    I'm also glad to share this Mod too :)
  5. Thanks for comment, Terri Buenaflor.
    Glad you like this Mod :)
  6. Just tried it, really happy. Thanks. Now if we could just get the stpowatch to stop coming up during the stage? Managed to get rid of most of the UI

    For the record i am using very close with the camera and it's just about perfect. Still has a great sense of speed aswell. This game is really starting to take shape, love it already.
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  7. Thanks for your kind feedback, Lee.

    About the Split Time & Position displayed at each check point, I've tried to disable it but still can't find the way.
    We can make Split Time invisible simply by making the Fonts transparent. But still I can't disable Up/Down animated arrows.
    So, I also hope someone will find the way to disable it.

    And if we can adjust the Seat Position & FOV manually like PC Sims, it would be the best. At this time, this Mod is one of the alternative ways, but I wish Milestone will make it possible in their future titles :)
  8. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei

    How can i insert a car model in this game.I work on a S2000 class car and i am wondering how will look in this game?
    Any clues?

    This is in Race 07

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  9. Great mod! I didn't have any problems with the default cockpit view so I didn't think this mod would be something for me but I even ended up using the Very close version! Love it!

    Hopefully these mods will be working with upcoming patches...!
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  10. Thanks for comment, Dinica.
    Your car looks very nice :thumbsup: !
    I'm sorry, I don't know the way to add new models to this game.
    But it would be nice if we'll be able to make it :)
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  11. Thanks for you comment, J van E.
    Glad you like this Mod.
    And I'll check and update this Mod if necessary when the patch is released :)
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  12. Nicely done Tom!:thumbsup:
    Was in a rush with other mods and wanted todo a cam mod also but with those fantastic cams there is no omre need for it.!;)

    Greets Modmate
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  13. Thanks for your comment, modmate.
    You are working on many mods for various titles and I know you can edit these camera positions and make it better too.
    So, I appreciate your kind consideration to me.
    Thanks again :)
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  14. Hey mate,

    I would like to ask if its possible to get the cam with disabled brake movement?
    would be great cause the effect looks a bit "hard" on my setup if i step intoooo the brakes.:D
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  15. Hello, modmate.
    I think driver's head inertia & body inertia related movements are very well adjusted and don't feel any problem.
    As you wrote "on my (your) setup", it may be a physics side ;)
  16. Sure , cause i just can cheack on my setup, the view is great of course its just i step into the brakes sort of hard here and there since i play with shoes on (t500rs).
    If i do so the braking looks like a frame drop..:D
    But nevermind mate, i will do one for personal use for me.;)
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  17. Thanks for your reply, modmate.
    I don't have any problem with the braking, it is the best way for you :)
  18. Is it possibile to center the cockpit cam like a real Rally's Onboard Camera?
    Thanks for any answers
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  19. Hello, Alvi84.
    Thanks for your comment.
    Yes, it's possible and actually I'm working on it as "Action Cam". Here is a preview pic.


    The problems are we can't display ...

    - Co-Driver
    - Driver's helmet & body

    in cockpit view at this time. So, as seen in this pic, we can't move camera position to backward from this point.
    Anyway, it's enough fun to play as it is.
    It needs some more work and testing. I'm a bit busy lately but I'd like to continue to work on it. Please give me a little more time.
    Thank you :)
  20. This is a GREAT JOB! Really!
    I have got a lot of patience so I can wait.

    Thank you very much.
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