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WRC 3 - Career Mode (Road to Glory) Easy Unlock Mod

Discussion in 'WRC 4 The Game' started by Lee Ross, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. This is a mod that allows you to unlock all the parts of this part of the game without having to slug through it all. It also opens up the other classes of cars, 70's, 80's and 90's etc. I have tried it and it works fine and you can use the cars on a single stage or Rally through the Road to Glory part of the game.

    No mod yet is released to allow use of the cars in the normal part of WRC3.

    Credit goes to TommiTAG for the mod.

    * Installation & Instruction *

    ( 1 ) Please do not forget to make a backup of the original "Savegame" & "DATA.MIX" file in the following directory.

    < Savegame >
    C:\Users\(User Name)\AppData\Roaming\Milestone\WRC3

    < DATA.MIX >
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Milestone\WRC3\DATA.MIX

    ( 2 ) Copy and paste "DATA.MIX" file in this archive to the following directory.

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Milestone\WRC3\DATA.MIX

    ( 3 ) Launch the game and play "Road to Glory" mode.

    ( 4 ) When you play online Multiplayer Mode, please restore "DATA.MIX" file to the original from the backup.

    * Credits *

    - Thanks to LeMic for Mixfile ReMixer.

    - Thanks to Luigi Auriemma for his support to Mixfile ReMixer.

    - Thanks to Milestone for WRC 3.

    * Download *

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  2. Hello, Lee.
    Thanks for hosting my Mod and your kind credit to me.
    Recently I knew this new WRC 3 section. And I'd like to post my Mods by myself from the next time.
    Thanks for your time and kind support :)

    Best regards

  3. Sure mate not a prob. I wasn't aware if you were a member here or not so posted it. Scorz from NG btw
  4. Thanks for your reply, Lee (Scorz).
    Your kind support is always a great help for me.
    Much appreciated :)
  5. Hi Tommi could we expect a mod for using all cars in WRC mod?
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  6. Hello, MJRL.
    Thanks for your reply and question.
    I think you/we already know this, but just for confirmation we can drive all cars in "Free Run" mode in "Road to Glory". It's ok.
    Maybe what you mean is "All cars in WRC Experience Mode" I think.
    I also have the same question and am looking into the files.
    But at this time, I'm not sure whether it's possible or not, sorry.
    I'd like to report if some progress is made, and also hope someone will figure it out and make it too.
    Thank you
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  7. Yes, thats it
    Thanks for your reply.
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  8. I feel sorry for not being able to help you so much.
    And thanks again for your kind reply too.
  9. I don't find the savegame file on the mod only DATA.MIX
  10. hit start - your name - AppData - Roaming think then its in milstone folder or is it WRC3 ?? somthing like that i think
  11. Thanks for question, jimmy75.
    And thanks for kind explanation, Andrew Hayes.

    This Mod is not "100% Savegame" but unlocks "most of (not all)" cars, areas, upgrades etc. from the start of the game.
    Please install this Mod and start your "Road to Glory (Career)" mode, and you'll soon be able to understand what I mean.
    Hope you enjoy WRC 3 with this Mod too :)
  12. hello im trying to download the mod but the link its broken, can someon upload again?