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Wow! Rfactor has never been so fresh! Thanks rfactorTWO!

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Kevin Knorpp, Jan 20, 2013.

  1. That right! You heard me!

    Rf1 has never been so good as it has been since rf2 came out. Why?

    - rf1 has better graphics and way better frame rates
    - as rf1 tracks I have never tried are converted to rf2, I am downloading original rf1 versions also to race with rf1 cars
    - after trying game stock car (all I can say is WOW to GSC Mini), I immediately replaced the tire sounds in all my favorite mods with those tire sounds. I know this isn't directly because rf2 but rf2 DID spoil me AND make me not want to play rf1 INITIALLY which drove me to GSC and then to replace rf1 tire sounds with GSC mini tire sounds so BAM!

    There are other reasons also but gotta run so maybe will add more later. Your thoughts?
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  2. Yep :D

    rFactor 1 still rocks my socks.
  3. Von Butters

    Von Butters

    Im at my PC and its rocking my socks, RIGHT ...... NOW!
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  4. Lemme guess: 1994 mod?
  5. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    Rf1 has better graphics? I own both and can definitely disagree.
    Rf1 is good but can't agree with that statement.
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  6. Von Butters

    Von Butters

    Ha ha, no mate, it was the Clio around Toban
  7. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford

    I completely agree with you. I was puzzled by that statement. rfactor 1 was/is great but you have to say, rfactor 2 is better graphically.
    rfactor 1:

    rfactor 2:
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  8. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    No contest. Rf1 has better frame rate for obvious reasons! Lower graphical demand. I'm not saying rf1 is rubbish, far from it, it's bloody awesome but it DOES look like 8 year old graphics. Slightly better than race 07 but some way behind the new batch of sims.
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  9. LOL, rf1 has better graphics?!?! Some smoking is going on around here big time.
    What rf1 has is CONSISTENT graphics. The cars fit the environment which give the illusion ,to those who don't have an eye for such thing, to "better graphics". But truth be told rF2 graphics are much better than what rf1 is doing. The problem right now is environment vs car models. You get the right mix and rF2 is fantastic to look at, get the wrong mix and it's definitely off.

    Take the well known, well made tracks (Sebring, Mid Ohio, Limerock etc.) and there's no contest. Take the poor rF1 converts and things don't look so hot but even then the graphics are still better, just not consistent.
  10. Yeah, well, gameplay and setup is what matters in sims, and rFactor is a breeze compared to rFactor 2. The graphics are far from useless as well. If one claims that the worse graphics makes them drive badly, then they aren't real sim racers, and should rather go to an art museum to go and look at pretty things.
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  11. I don't recall anyone saying worse graphics make them drive badly, just people saying rF1 is not better than rF2 graphically. As far as gameplay and setup goes it all depends. rF1 has some nice mods that have their own installer and are easy to setup NOW. But I've also downloaded stuff in the past that wasn't all that easy and if you're new to the game , or even new to computers they would be much difficult to install. rF2 is actually quite simple, one folder for the mods and a couple of clicks with the mod manager. The ability to download a mod to an online race right from the race itself instead of trying to hunt through the internet for 5 year old + mods and hoping you got the right version of it.

    Gameplay wise sorry but rF2 got that hands down right now. I'm in two rF1 based series right now and I'm working like a dog just to get the FFB to something half as good as what rF2 has. If you call fighting with LeoFFB and RealFeel a breeze to work with compared to rF2 default FFB then I don't know what to say. You're obviously smarter than I am, and if that's the case could you give me some LeoFFB and RealFeel settings I can work with for the V8Supercars mod?

    Really the only way that rF1 shines over rF2 is content and available races to participate in. rF1 has that locked up. Pretty much any series you can think of in real life rF1 has it. You can't beat that. rF2 is going through some mod growing pains. Especially with some wanting to go the payware route so early. We just have to wait until everything shakes out and see how the chips fall. One good thing is tracks seem to be exempt from the payware hold. One great track creator by the name of Feels3 is putting out fantastic work.