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Would you recommend R3E?

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Billy Pilgrim, Apr 7, 2014.

  1. Hi
    Would you recommend R3E?

    Where does it stand graphically in relation to other games? Is it nicer looking than Assetto, iRacing, GSC 2013, rFactor2,

    How does its pricing seem? In fact, how does the pricing work out? I see cars are about 300 vPr, and tracks about 500 - how much money is that?

    EDIT: is the single player any good? (I don't play online)
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  2. R3E has some free content for you to try.. register the game and you get a handfull of cars for free (about 5 I think) and two tracks to play on. Currently it doesnt have any single player features apart from test sessions with 6 Ai cars, hotlapping and hotlap competitions where you can win some prizes.. Graphicly its decent enough but doesnt surpase Asseto corsa for instance.

    Physics are somewhere in between and most will class it as simcade in its current form. There are some things brewing behind the scenes though, and the plan is to bring R3E up to a more sim like experience again.. Game is in Beta and will be so for quite a while yet.

    One thing that R3E really stands out in are its sounds.. Its by far the best sounding race game out there.

    But try the free content and see if you like the game for youreself ;)
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  3. 100 vRP are approximately 1 €. If you purchase a bigger amount of vRPs, you'll get a discount. (5000 vRP are 39,99 €)

    And referring to USD ..... here's a quote:
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  4. Thanks for the info.

    So if you get the free download (5 cars, 2 tracks) then buy 5000vPr in one go, you'll have a racing game of, for example, 7 tracks with ten cars (six tracks/12 cars) for €39.

    Is my reasoning about right? If I'm right, it's not a very good deal, nor is it a very bad one. I suppose they do sales from time to time. But there's no single player.

    Have you tried it, Ernie? Would you recommend it?
  5. Jay Ekkel

    Jay Ekkel
    Kylotonn Games

    I will refrain from advising you to drive it or not, as I might come across a bit biased.

    Just remember this game is in full development, so certain areas that are not there, features that are missing will be added, features that are in might still require work etc etc etc.

    Best way to find out if it is something for you is try it, since its for free, there is nothing to loose. We run challenges/competitions every week where you can try content from the store before buying it. And as you would expect we run regular sales where you can save a nice buck.
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  6. Just simple ... Yes. :)

    And as Jay said, try it by yourself. Some content is free. Not really much, but enough for a first look.
    There are features which are still been missing, but will added later.

    And if you sum up the content ....yes it can be expensive, but you don't have to purchase all the stuff. Only cars and tracks you like. And there are a lot of competitions where you can test cars and tracks for free for a limited time.

    I for myself think, the pricing is ok. I rather pay 3-5 € for a well-made quality track (which you can drive for an unlimited time), than getting a half-baked converted track from a 10 years-old game for free. At least this is my opinion.
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  7. It looks worth a go.
    Is there a bit of single player in there? (I'm not into online)
  8. Start a track test session and you can have 6 Ai cars on track .. (Everyone will start in the pits)There are no options for a full race yet unless you have DTM experience. As mentioned above the game is work in progress. Download and register the game for the free content and competitions though. Its deff worth a look ;)
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  9. Anyone know how this game reacts to SLI? Is it optimised for SLI?
  10. Biggest pill i'm having with R3E is the DRM on it. Always online. Cant start steam in offline mode and expect the game to play, so even SP is offlimits when steam gets DDoS'd, ISP issues or your line is down.
    Other than that, good game and I hope it succeeds :)
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  11. I think as time progresses R3E will evolve into a platform at least as good as the Race 07 series was with some changes that have been made in the structure in which simbin wants to release content to the market. AFM I was a little more fond of the expansion style of distribution of ongoing development on a game base but I do fairly much like what Simbin plans with R3E. I am sure they are reluctant to release an GTR3 as it may be counter productive to it's current platform but time will tell
  12. PaulH


    Just bought 3 cars and 7 tracks while on the 50% offer!

    Together with the 5 free cars & 2 free tracks, that gives me 8 cars in different classes & 9 tracks, plenty of racing covered when multiplayer launches.
    Cost was £16.79 for 2000vRP

    This Sim is right up there with Assetto Corsa, and I dont say that lightly as Asstto Corsa has set the benchmark, I would even say the sounds are the best I have heard in any Sim!
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  13. Billy, I bought in on R3E and DTME last weekend before the Easter sale and paid full price for all of the content and still don't regret it. i wish I had caught the Easter sale and saved about $60 for all of the content but I can tell you that R3E is a fun sim to play. Its lacking multiplayer and even a proper AI race in R3E but DTME provides a good AI racing experience and multiplayer is supposed to be coming soon to both.

    Graphically, with all the details at their max, its better looking than any of the games you mentioned to me except AC, however sadly, SLI doesn't work and with the graphics at their max, it can even humble an overclocked GTX 780 at 2560x1600 resolution. I run almost all detail at max except 2-3 settings to maintain a minimum of 60fps with 12 cars on screen in DTME. If they ever get SLI working properly, it should be fine to run them all at max.

    The only oher thing worth mentioning is that you need to dial in the setting that work best for your wheel. I'm using a Thrustmaster TX which is very similar to the T500 but I had to adjust quite a few wheel settings in game to get a good feel. I basically used Mark's(Simbin developer) T500 settings and only changed 1-2 settings for my TX and it works rather well.
  14. IMO, R3E graphics are good but, not at the level of AC or Pcars (what else is?). The FFB using a G25 or CSW is severely lacking but, should be improved soon. The sounds are really great but, I think the new car sounds in iRacing are working a little better. Pcars is also showing great promise in the sound department so the jury is still out on that. Once MP and SP are released, and the physics and FFB are updated - R3E should provide a good bit of racing fun for the money if you can take advantage of the occasional sales on content.
  15. Wish I hadn't missed the WMD on pCars, now I'm patiently waiting for it to be released. I'll say this though, I dusted off NFS Shift and Shift 2 Unleased again this past weekend just to play around a bit with my TX wheel and while NFS Shift was pretty decent in physics and FFB, Shift 2 Unleased was considerably worse no matter how much I adjusted the wheel settings. I also happen to own Test Drive Ferrari, also by Slightly Mad, and it feels practically identical to Shift 2 Unleashed which just feels very off to me. I sure hope pCars isn't using the same physics and FFB that Shift 2 and TDF is using or its going to be a deal breaker for me. No one will accuse Slightly Mad of not making a pretty game though.
  16. What grafix card(s) have you got?
  17. Two 780's.
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  18. I played both Shift games and found them much as you say - quite different and lacking in driving dynamics. Based on my experience so far, I think Pcars is on track to be far better than those titles were in handling but, it's still very much WIP and can change from one build to the next. The effort going into making the Pcars driving experience better than the Shift series seems quite evident when reading the development forums. IMO, Pcars handling has already met or surpassed that of GT and Forza. Whether or not it can reach the level of titles such as AC remains to be seen but, it should be a great game either way.
  19. Today I bought some content for R3E and my opinion about it has changed dramatically...

    This is going to be a very good sim. No question.

    Right now I'd say the biggest issue is the FFB, but even then it isn't atrocious - just painfully average at best.

    Physics are pretty good I'd say - perhaps just below AC.

    Sounds...... Incredible. I'd say it's worth it on the sounds alone!

    I would probably say the best title to compare this to would be iRacing, because like iRacing, there is no modding, you have to buy all the cars and tracks and I presume all Multiplayer will be organised on Simbin's side only.

    Perhaps iRacing has better physics, sounds, graphics and FFB. But only just... And iRacing has a monthly fee, and the cars and tracks are far more expensive than R3E. Compared to iRacing, R3E is a bargain.

    I would say try it out. Even if you spend $10 and get 2 cars and 1 track, it will be a good baseline for you to see whether it will be a good investment for you. Try the Free2Play events now with the GTRX, GTR2, GTR3 and Historics and you'll see how much more fun the newer content is!
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