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Would you recommend Automobilista?

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by F1RacingGame, May 11, 2016.

  1. Hi, I got a few questions about the game prior to buying it

    1. Is there much of a difference between this game and rFactor? They seem almost identical
    2. What stands out for this game - as in - what's YOUR reason to buy the game? Whats so excellent about it?
    3. Is it worth the price?
    4. Why shouldn't I go back and play rF1 (in comparison to this game)

    Maybe we get a nice discussion going :)

  2. My reason to buy AMS is the great race you can have both on-line and off-line. Real good FFB, AI and a good variety of cars.

    I don't know about rFactor, because I haven't played it, but they change it quite a lot from GSE to AMS
  3. ouvert


    1. yes, much different
    2. physics, FFB, sounds, immersion, feeling, features, not your typical content (if you happend to like it)
    3. yes, most of us get it for free cause we owned GSC, but given how much free content they gave us I don`t regret buying it and than paying again as support/backer
    4. it is based on same engine but since Reiza get licence for that engine they moddified it, so it is not just isiMotor2 ... feels differnt, drives different, offers different features (dynamic track surface,tyre and aero flex, dirt pickup, marbles, flat spotting, higher physics and FFB rate, support for more input devices at the same time, etc ... ), different UI, different content ... I hate rF but as you can see I kind of fancy AMS :)

    it still has its issues (hopefully most will be addressed till end of beta) but in my opinion it is worth money and time ...
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  4. I own both rFactor and rFactor 2 and I don't see much similarity. AMS is a full game on its own. Opinions vary, of course, but right now my favorite sims are AMS and Assetto Corsa, with some bias towards AMS, which to me seems both more realistic (in terms of driving) and more fun.
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  5. Jake Fangio

    Jake Fangio
    Please don't rain pleeaassee don't rain

    RF1 and AMS are worlds apart to me.The comments above say it all.Buy it and I guarantee you won't regret it for one second.
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  6. Slalom823

    RDTCC S10 Champion Premium

    Of course many of us that hang out primarily in this section of the forum will say yes. Some of us may be a bit biased toward AMS, but there may be a good reason for that as well. It probably depends on your priorities and what you find most important in a sim. I am sure for some people AMS isn't the answer. For me personally if I could only have one sim it would be this one without question.
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  7. Best steering precision and calibrating ability, also for pad support.
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  8. I own rF1, have played it on and off for 10 years, great sim, and AMS owes a lot to it.
    But I have lost count of the hours spent playing AMS (and Game Stock Car as it was before). Over 600 hours on AMS Steam, 500hrs in GSC Steam, and probably 2000hrs before it went onto Steam.
    Moddable, tweakable, great for a quick blast or a serious test session, a quick sprint race or a long Grand prix.
    And the best Devs I have seen in computer gaming, for support & value-for-money content :)
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  9. Is the same software i think with improved features

    Quality of original content. Good car behaviour. Good graphics (not the best)The relatively low hardware demand to play with maxed out graphics settings. Clear comunication with users about software development (what we get for what we are paying, what should expect in future, support, etc).

    yes yes

    If you don´t participate of a league that uses rf1 software, if you don´t play with an specific Mod that is in rf1 but not on Automobilista and if this is a superior version of rf1 in terms of graphics, ffb and maybe physics (depending on the work of the modder i think)... why would you?
  10. All 4 questions could be answered with just 2 words: Those trucks. :D
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  11. fortyfivekev


    AMS is well worth getting. It has moved a long way forward from RF1 in terms of graphics and car feel plus also includes track progression, flat spotting, pick-up, etc. It also has a lot of original content (both cars and tracks) that the other sims don't have which is a big plus for me. Mods are being worked on for GT3 and other things that are missing.

    On the con side, graphics may be a lot better than RF1 but they are not as good as AC/PCars. If that is the most important thing to you then think twice about getting it. Also, Reiza are working on a new sim with better graphics so when that comes out (end of this year, early next year, maybe?) I expect a lot of current AMS users will move onto it. So AMS may have a fairly short active life although nothing will stop you playing it as long as you want.
  12. IMHO, Automobilista right now is one of the best sims out there, it has it's flaws but really if you look at it.. you gotta admit it..
    Let me explain:

    First, the features: apart from rain racing, it has pretty much everything covered, If you look at the other sims out there, Rfactor2 has more features but it lacks in game, don't get me wrong i love rfactor2 but i can't enjoy it at 100% when the game is so poorly optimized.. Assetto corsa is great but again no night racing, pretty meeh AI..
    Automobilista has everything pretty solid at the moment, everything works as it should and you can enjoy it without too many headeaches

    Next the package, again they have pretty much everything, alot of f1.. I mean alot.. GT with the new boxer cup cars, f3.. and thats without mentioning the mods out there, so yeah pretty good again..

    Then you have some unique tracks which i've never seen before, they were in GSC but again if you're new thats alot of new tracks to enjoy, probably alot were in rfactor but again theres too much content sometimes in rfactor to find it everything..

    I played rfactor1 for a long time, and don't get me wrong I love it, mods like enduracers, drm revival where amazing, but since automobilista released I've found myself playing it without the need to touch other sims.. I don't really know why but i has that immersion feeling.. I love it
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  13. ouvert


    and wait till we get this ... oh boy, my H-Stick is ready for this one :)



    and this:

    and some new places to take them for a spin:
    mola/ITALY (historical & modern variants)
    Oulton Park/UK
    Cadwell Park/UK
    Brands Hatch/UK
    Hockenheim/GERMANY (historical & modern variants)
    Hillclimb rally stage (Pikes Peak based) /US

    and more ...
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  14. I have a multitude of sims on my PC to play..... RF2, AC, iracing if I wanted to subscribe again. I've pretty much stopped driving anything else and stick with AMS. I just find the way the cars feel better than all the others. Maybe it just suites me more but it's the sim I feel the most comfortable with.
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  15. Hey ouvert, are any of these available or you just know they are in the pipeline?

    Imola/ITALY (historical & modern variants)
    Oulton Park/UK
    Cadwell Park/UK
    Brands Hatch/UK
    Hockenheim/GERMANY (historical & modern variants)
    Hillclimb rally stage (Pikes Peak based) /US
  16. ouvert


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  17. I have one easy argument to make more people at least try AMS, do you now the Team Redline? Is the most successful virtual racing team in the world, and names like Max Verstapen are part of the team. One of the leaders/manager is Atze Kerkhof, and he has build a top spec simulator to train real racing drivers, can you guess what game/software that powers this simulator? Is Automobilista ;)
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  18. Max also has iRacing and rF
  19. rocafella1978


    just quick question, is the wheel ffb setup automatic? or do i need to fine tune and adjust a lot for fanatec csw v2 and csp v2? i have not purchased the game yet, because have not seen any posts/ threads on wheel setups...just curious, because itching to buy it today!
  20. Marcel Kleene

    Marcel Kleene

    @Gui Cramer, are you sure they use AMS? I think Atze has a more professional Version of Heusinkveld Software...not exactly AMS. Or am I wrong? Seems to be when I read the link...sould read before asking.