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Would you buy rF2 now?

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by David Garcia, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. Hello guys,

    it is just a question I would like to get answered by you guys who have the sim. Is it in good shape at the moment or is it still in this "betish" process?

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  2. Yes! I have exactly the same question David :)

    Also, for someone who is awful at computers and technical things, is it going to be too hard to keep updating it? And will we be able to simply do some laps without running into problems?
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  3. OK, it's not an easy question to answer. I will try to be as subjective as I can, and will make a point form answer:

    This is my opinion...others can not agree.

    1. I think that rF2 has one of the best FFB and physics
    2. Some think that graphics are crap, but I think they are not bad, depending on the track/mod
    3.There are a couple of events going on most of the time. Most of them are really fun.

    1. At the moment, keeping the game up to date can be a bit difficult since car mods and tracks are continuously being updated. ISI releases updates from time to time and its feels like all files/updates are scattered all over the place. One would need to have the right track/mod to play online. If you know your way around the net, you'll find whatever you need, but if not, it might be a headache
    2. Quick races and "jump on server for a quick race" is a bit scarce. Only a few ppl online for quick races, but you'll always find a "few" ppl online in peak time.
    3. You need a good pc to run the game, otherwise you'll have low frames per second

    I, and I say again I...would buy the game again and again in a blink of an eye. Despite all the issues there are, the fun I get when I race online surpasses all the problems. But I know my way around, to update the game all the time and take part in leagues, so I dont find these any issues.

    So, it depends on what you are after.
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  4. Stefan Woudenberg

    Stefan Woudenberg
    Premium Member

    This Stefan has nothing more to add than the other Stefan. :D

    Only keep in mind that this sim , together with Asseto Corsa will be the future of sim-racing....
    The coming few years, so... :) I am hooked on rF2 and not just because I run this part of the forum. ;D
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  5. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    As an Xbox refugee I have to say that I am loving RF2.
    If I want a quick race and a nice career story I still have F1 2011.
    BUT If I want to feel that I am setting up a real race car and having an incredibly authentic experience RF2 is the one.
    After a few hours of setup work and driving I feel I have done something rather than just been entertained/diverted.
    Its going to have years of adventure as mods/tracks come on line!
    I'm pretty new to PC gaming and the installs/updates arent that hard.

    YES is my answer.
  6. As a G27 owner, I can only recommend this as it has a refund option, otherwise I'd tell you to wait.
    It's a few steps forward and a few back lately.

    As for the future of sim racing, my moneys on Assetto Corso unless ISI make radical improvements to virtually the entire game.
  7. Matej Lakota

    Matej Lakota
    Sriple Tix Premium Member

    I bought lifetime licence in first hour after beta release and priceless ... my computer was too weak to run the game better than on minimum settings, even it was near recommended requirements. I didn`t want to make wrong conclusions (well, sometimes I just hotlaped on ugly and lonely tracks), so I didn`t touch rF2 until I get new computer.
    And now? I just can`t stop driving it and most important for PC noobs like me, it is very easy to install/update game, cars, tracks and mods.

    My advice? Don`t wait, buy it and join club races now :).

    I have G27 too and with almost default settings, it`s doing his job just fine.
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  8. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini
    Premium Member

    Yes it's worth buying but yes it is in a very unfinished state even without the official beta tag.

    For a nice detialed answer see Stefan's post :D
  9. On some cars it's okay, but half of them have deadzones with G27.
  10. Matej Lakota

    Matej Lakota
    Sriple Tix Premium Member

    Could be, because I have driven only F3, Skip Barber, Clio and Meganes yet. Nascar doesn`t count because Texas oval has only left turns :).
  11. Thanks all for the approach to the current status of the sim. :) I will think about it a bit more.

  12. No rush mate. rF2 will be here for a looooooooong time waiting for you ;)
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  13. Would I buy rF2 now? Simple question, simpler answer: YES :geek:
  14. Yes, so I could race in this weeks club races! :p
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  15. rF2 is my current favorite SIM for running some laps against AI. The immersion level is quite high despite the somewhat lacking graphics, due to the great FFB, physics, AI and in-car sounds. So yes, rF2 is worth buying IMO. The updating process has also been improved recently.
  16. Definitely.

    And I can speak from experience when I say it was no before. I got it in November - it was buggy, slow, difficult to manage and the car didn't feel right to me, so I got a refund after 2 weeks. I got it now and I must say it's a whole different sim.

    You won't regret it ;) It has minor bugs here and there, but much less than a so-called finished product (arcade) F1 2012.

    Warning though: Prepare to struggle - it took me probably an hour to complete a lap on it without spinning. It's a different driving style - a lot more application and deliberate caution is needed at first. However, once you get into the rhythm of it, there's no other sim like it (yet).
  17. And to add to this, when the track is green (no rubber) it will be quite slippery. Once the rubber is on track (you can add AI to put rubber or load a pre-saved real-road ), then the grip level is much better.

    Just a heads up as it might discourage you when you jump on track :)
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  18. It is definitely worth having in your library. As a 1 time purchase, it is not that big of a commitment.

    Game has great FFB and great physics. The dynamic rubbering of the track is a cool new feature that will surely be introduced into many future sims. Good selection of cars and tracks that is continuously growing. Good AI, though they don't always drive fast on the modded tracks. Good netcode.

    One feature that is already there, but never seems to work, is the "get missing components" button. Once that gets sorted, the servers should fill up a lot more.

    I recommend doing what I did. Get the standard edition for only $45. That gets you everything except unlimited multiplayer, of which you still get a year paid for. See how Assetto Corsa plays out. If you still feel like you will be playing rFactor2 multiplayer, email the company and see if you can pay the $40 to upgrade to the lifetime. If not, it's only $12 per year.
  19. I only bought it last week but I'd have to say yes, for sure, I have also used iRacing recently and it's great but the prices are ridiculous, therefore rFactor 2 has to be the best sim for me at the minute. :thumbsup:
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  20. I'm seriously thinking of whether to buy rF2 or not, having been trying the demo, because I'm fairly impressed with the demo. Car behavior is good, at least quite nice than I thought and than rF1, and UI is also good and simple, and I don't care about the graphics, The C6R seems having much tuck in to drive but fun nevertheless and the preceding snap oversteer in rF1(which I really hate) was practically nowhere and I like the feel that the controllable unstability under braking. But I think FFB was too bland to realize something but doesn't matter much for me.

    But one thing that makes me hesitate is just the fact that AC is about to be released or preorder at least but in 2~3 month. Hmm..$%@#$#$^#$@%