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Would you buy Race07 now?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Balázs Gerencsér, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. I'm thinking of buying this game. But not sure if I still should do it now when Assetto Corsa and some other games will be out soon. Do you think it still worths the money and - especially - time investment?
  2. Hi Balázs

    I got the game only 9 days ago, RACE 07 + WTCC 10 + GTR Evolution. Graduating from Gran Turismo 5, I think it's the best thing since sliced bread. It's clear reading the forums that it was once much more popular, but it looks like the racing club grids are still well attended. Sadly we've missed the league experience though. I'd say yes, it's worth the time and money investment for any driving enthusiast.
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  3. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    It is still a great series. Lots of good mods/tracks and modders are still working on content for this series. As Matthew said yes the Club Racing is good here but for League Racing they are or have moved on to newer sims but don't let that discourage you from buying the Race package, you get a lot of enjoyment for the money.

    I mainly play Race, rFactor, GTL and GTR2 I also have GSC,LFS and RBR but i never play them because of the other four. I haven't even really thought to hard about moving on to the newer sims yet, still having a lot of fun with what i have so far.

    Oh yeah, if i didn't have the Race series i most definitely would buy them now.
  4. Mike Bishop

    Mike Bishop

    As im reading the above posts,im reinstalling Race 07 and all its addons after steam messed them up. I have the need to drive somthing other than a Mini. In my mind the Race series of Sims is still the best ballanced series out there. There are still a lot, and I mean alot of clubs who still organize events/leagues for Race series. The problem is plenty of talk about Sims with pictures but thats all, just talk no action. Buy the series you will always use it at RD or somewhere else.:)
  5. Thanks for all the feedback guys. It's really not a big investment money wise - with the autumn Steam sale it's even 50% off. I was more worried about the time I need to put into it. Work, family, you know ... I started sim racing not a long time ago and I tried what I could from pCARS to NetkarPro, LFS, iRacing etc. What I found the best for my taste is GSC. I realized that I like multiplayer racing and touring / GT cars. The problem is I can't find many MP races in GSC and while there is a certain magic in waiting a week for the next race it also can be frustrating that after a week of waiting I can't participate. As I see there are much more racing possibilities in Race07.
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  6. I've only just got into pc sims recently and as my pc is relatively low spec I can't run the newer sims. The race07 series has been a revelation to me. Even though its a few years old now the experience is streets ahead of gt5 and the f1 games I have been playing on the ps3. So much so I don't use the ps3 at all now... I've done a couple of club races on here but I mainly race in a wtcc league elsewhere. At the price the game is on steam it's a steal for anyone making their first footsteps into pc based racing.
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  7. Having just got back into sim racing the first game on my list was race evolution and it is a super sim the different cars feel great and the force feedback suits the different cars very well. You can not beat the price as well I would of been happy to pay £40 for this game as it beats any game on a console iv played. GST I think is next on my list may go and buy that now, hope you enjoy :)
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  8. i brought the game yesterday well worth the money i spent it has plenty to offer in terms of realism and great racing:). I purchased race injection and evolution in total cost was 15.00 off of steam...awesome price for wicked sim
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  9. Been playing Race07 since it came out in 2007 and ive never looked back. Was a Gran Turismo fan 1,2,3,4 and was given a copy of GTR2 for my birthday as a joke because my hubby thought i played Gran Turismo to much. I enjoyed GTR2 so much i looked at other titles from SIMBIN, found Race07 and being an avid touring car fan i bought it and ive never played Gran Turismo since, same with my hubby.

    In fact we've not played anything console wise since. Got are own race teams (Pink Ladies Racing & Joymanekbe)

    We can add tracks and mods that other players made...can even make my own skins, Its everything ive looked for in a racing sim/game.

    Race07: Get Real =P


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  10. So I just bought Race Injection and I also plan to buy the GT expansion. Then I think I have the complete package. I installed it and started to adjust the settings (wheel, graphics, hud, etc.). I didn't have time to find the right combination yet but I know there's plenty of information on the net and google is my friend. :) Thanks again for all the opinions.
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  11. Also got it this weekend from Steam. Have to say really enjoyed the bit I tried it out. Well worth the money as I'm sure lots of people will still be racing Race07 for a while
  12. Mike Bishop

    Mike Bishop

  13. Another recent Race '07 convert here. Play all manner of racing games/sims on PC and XBOX360/PS3 (including iRacing, rFactor2, GSC2012, F12012, DIRT2, DIRT3, Forza4, Forza: Horizon, NFS:Hot Pursuit, NFS:Most Wanted, Burnout Paradise, Motorstorm, GT5) and Race '07 was one not in my collection, but I had heard good things of it.

    Got it (and all the add-ons) on Steam all well worth the money IMO. There are currently some Club and League races on offer here at RD at the moment, and they are well supported and the racing is good.

    Best purchase I have made for quite some time.

  14. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    If you're just starting with Race07 and want some rock stable cars, even without assists, I'd suggest playing the DTM 2010 Mod.

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  15. I'll check that! It already has such a huge content I don't even know where to start... :)
  16. Dennis Phelan

    Dennis Phelan
    more about staying on track. Premium

    Blatant advertisement:
    RaceDepartment Club Racing,
    Tuesday, GT events
    Thursday, WTCC/STCC twin race events
    Friday, Mini Friday, 80 minute enduro races!
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  17. Dinca Andrei

    Dinca Andrei

    I like DTM too but as rookie one can start with slower cars and step by step advance to faster ones and finaly to F1. :D....Setups are online in game for almost any track or car class....
  18. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    Ah, just grab the bull by the horns and jump into a V8 Supercar :D;)
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  19. Mark Greenall

    Mark Greenall

    I have downloaded race 07 with addons in the past 2 weeks, Lots of fun. I drive everything no assists and @ 98/100% difficulty its a blast. I do have a gripe though, When i push the formula 1 cars (is it rr in game?) they are hard to drive but near on impossible to spin, feels like they are traction limited at high speed? Anyone else notice this? Last night i was doing some laps @ hockenheim and managed a 1.17.5 with a default set up i dont know how that stacks up to the more experienced but i found it a hard lap to replicate over and over.
  20. Im also considering buying Race07, but for start only basic game without mods to see if the game suits me. But the question is, can i find some populated servers?
    Im switching from netKar where public play is practically dead and i dont want the same happen here.