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Worth playing without wheel?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by IHazABone, Jun 1, 2014.

  1. Hi,

    I'm coming mostly from arcade racing games like F1 20xx (primarly this), GRID 2, Forza 4/5, Gran Turismo 6, etc. and to start off my measly post, I'm going to say that after about three hours of messing around, I haven't completed a clean lap in the F3 cars yet. It's either the brakes are funky (the slightest touch seems to lock them just as easily as flooring them), I spin out in a heartbeat when shifting, or the AI completely disregarding my existence and slamming my slow rear. I have 0 experience in sims, as you may be able to tell already.
    But moreover, I'm playing with an Xbox 360 controller. It works fine for me on most games, but with this, I don't think it's cutting it. Should I fork up $300 and get a G27, keep trying with the 360 controller, or forget about GSC2013 for now and move on?
  2. Nox

    Staff Premium

    Well there are two things to consider. How you drive and what you want from GSC.

    For example, you can't drive in GSC like you do in GRID; If you spin out when down shifting, you're likely down shifting too soon, so try doing it a little later under braking so the weight is more stable first.

    GSC is a game for a wheel. It feels amazing with a wheel and is much more fun. You also have far more control with pedals than the small triggers on the controller. If you're serious about getting into sim racing, a wheel is an absolute must have. If you're just looking for a few hours of fun with the game and no more, don't, just turn on the assists and have a blast with it that way.
  3. I'm looking for a somewhat more realistic experience, mostly in open wheels. Sim racing has always been an envy of mine but I've never had the equipment, time, or dedication for it. I'm considering getting a wheel now, though.
    On the braking - if I'm driving an F3, and I apply the breaks at a constant 70% into a corner that I'd need to be in second for, when would I start shifting? Just after braking or a more right before the corner? I'm guessing shifting while near the apex is a bad thing, as I generally spun out doing that even under low acceleration.
  4. Nox

    Staff Premium

    Well, just keep in mind that the main purpose of down shifting isn't to slow the car down, but to be in the right gear for maximum acceleration out of the corner. Down-shifting in the turn isn't generally advised or you could spin, which is a result of unsettling the car. Down shift when the revs are in the right rpm band. I can't explain it as well as these guys and I'm not the fastest guy on the grid. Start video 1 at 33:15 for the down shifting section.

  5. I'll be sure to watch those in a bit. Thanks:)
    I'll definitely consider a wheel.
  6. Best rule when learning to drive is to brake in a straight line, then change gear, then steer, then accelerate. Never do any one of them until the car is stable, or the next one you do will unsettle it even more. With experience you can close all these together and sometimes mix them, but it's a good basic rule.

    Another cheaper option for the wheel if you don't want to spend £300, is the Driving Force GT - you can find it for £80-100, I have the G27 and am very happy with it, but I was very fond of my DFGT and can highly recommend it for the price. I still have mine as a spare, I couldn't bear to part with it, the FFB is a bit rougher, and the steering maybe not be quite so precise but it is an excellent wheel.
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  7. Unfortunately, I'd be looking for something with a clutch. And a wheel would be something where you go big or go home for me. And the cheapest I could find it with shipping (I live in Canada in a small northern town) was $190.
  8. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    I agree, I don't think you'll find a better value wheel than the DFGT. For a wheel usually found for under £100 it can't be beaten. This was my 1st serious wheel and a great stepping stone for my now G27.
  9. Justin Swan

    Justin Swan

    You say you looking mainly at open wheel racing! You're not going to use a clutch ;)
  10. I wondering if OP know the throttle blipping thing when downshifting ?? There no such thing is need playing F1 20xx or GRID series or any simcade racing game.
  11. Make sure that your gas/brake sensitivity in the controller setup is at 50% (aka linear), not 0%. Otherwise things get way to twichy. Also have speed sensitive steering at 70%. Steering sensitivity at 5% or so.

    If the wheels still lock up when braking, reduce the brake pressure in the car setup.

    If your car spins when downshifting, shift later.

    If your car spins while braking on a straight, shift the brake balance forward (e.g. 60:40).

    If you fly out of a corner, give yourself more rear wing.

    If you hear your wheels making noises while going into a corner, you are probably going to fast.

    If cars bump into you, you are braking to early, watch where the other cars brake.

    If that's still not enough, enable traction control and ABS assist.

    GSC works fine with an Xbox360 controller, but especially with the open wheel cars I find the default car setup needs a bit of work before they become drivable.
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  12. You can't really blip the throttle with an Xbox360 controller, as the triggers are a single axis.
  13. Oh ic, i dont know that. I thought keyboard & xbox is almost the same thing cause I can blip using keyboard.
  14. Kevin Ryan

    Kevin Ryan

    If you can afford a wheel, the answer is definitely get one. It makes the experience much more enjoyable and complete.

    I've seen a few guys compete on a high level with a pad but only a few. With a pad, I would recommend abs and I think you're only fooling yourself if you don't use it. If you can do it without tc, then do it because it only slows you down. I think open wheelers would be the hardest to drive with a pad because it's not easy getting the power down out of corners and braking can be tricky. But there's no reason why you couldn't be as good as anyone driving touring cars.
  15. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett

    @IHazABone, I'm using the DFGT wheel works a treat with PC sims, the pedals are not the best out there but they can changed a later date. You maybe able to get 2nd hand wheel on Ebay ect ?

    I'd say most of us went from console to PC / controller to wheel, once you make this transition sim racing becomes a whole new game. Then you can get online racing with us all are welcome at any level :)
  16. In GSC2013, I won't be. Other games, most definitely. And I'd like to have it for when I play the other areas.