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Worth buying?

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by Chriffer, May 30, 2016.

  1. Hey guys, I've been in Racing sims since about 2012 now.. I've mostly done iRacing and Assetto Corsa but as of lately Project cars has caught my attention I can get the game of the year edition for $27 on G2A and was wondering if it's worth it? I hear a lot of complaints about ti but also hear a great amount of good feedback as well.

    Assetto Corsa feels dead online, lack of lobbies IMO is this how Project cars is?
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  2. No there are a lot of public races going on, altough you must know that they are mostly GT3 races. Of course you can make your own and wait and see what happens, but the best thing you can do it to join a race league and play with people you will meet.
  3. Okay cool, for $27 game of the year edition seemed like a good price. Most people complain that there are so many issues on the daily for just trying to play so it made me skeptical!
  4. It depends on what you were expecting. The AI has its problems, depending on the track. It doesn't do well on slow corners. I have a great time in any case. I use it for AI races, but most of all I use it for Time Trials. Most of the problems and complaints you will read are generally multiplayer stability issues. Like, you enter qualifying and when you start the actual race the positions might not be kept, or some people report losing FFB, or they disconnect altogether. If you like racing games you will enjoy it for sure. But it is no i-racing when it comes to such issues that I described and there is no rating system, so expect some "impatient" drivers. Generally the experience is good, but the best thing you can do is to join a racing league.
  5. Adam#81, so to summarize your view: online is buggy and offline has terrible AI, so best use is hotlapping?
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  6. The AI experience can be good at 100% strength but depends very much on the track and car mod combination. GT3 AI competitors are usually the better choice but there are a few other car mods too. If you're a fast experienced driver then the AI will not prove a fast enough competitor!

    There are many online multiplayer races but you will experience horror at the start of every race going into T1 so your best chance is qualify on the front row or don't qualify and stay in the back of the grid for awhile until many of the newbies crash out.

    Multiplayer can be buggy with sometimes a warping car or after qualify you find yourself locked in the garage without being able to enter the race. Sometimes when you first join a server and enter the track you have no car control and need to shut down the game before you regain your car control.

    Best choice for clean racing is join a league or race with friends!
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  7. I personally haven't encountered any of the issues I have described. But I thought I should inform this person of the potential problems. Some people have them and some don't at all. Except for the AI which is problematic in some tracks, no way around it. But I can see why serious league racers are bummed when things go wrong. I mentioned hotlapping, since this is what I enjoy the most.
  8. Forgot to mention the "replay bug" which does a horrible job of accurately showing the correct driver names who were in your battle during the race plus many times those drivers are in a different car make than what they were actually using!
  9. Yea I did forget that. The issue is usually caused if someone DCs during the race and then all sorts of wrong happens in the replay :D