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Worn tyres At pitstop

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Gleippz911, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    I did some races And i noticed a very annoying Problem, which destroyed a couple of
    Races for me. I Set up my strategy before The race, but when i go into The pits The Crew gives me
    The worn tyres i used in Quali or practise! Yes i tried to change it in The menu of Race strategy, but
    I could only change The tyre Type, Not The Set of options or primes. Anyone know a Solution of this Problem?

    Cheers, gleippz911
  2. It's not a problem it's called Parc Ferme. You need to start the race with the tyres you set your best lap in qually.
  3. He said when he came in for his pitstop.
  4. Maybe he used all of his sets? Its possible that when you do P and Q that you've got a couple of sets on 80% or something
  5. I know The parc ferme rule And thats Not what i meant. Its during The Race And no, i didnt use all my tires in P And Q. Only 2 Sets of options, so actually i Would have 2 other new Sets if i remember correctly. So well, i know that i have At least One New Set of a tyre but i dont get it At The stop.
  6. It is a bug,
    it happens to me 1-2 times. You cannot do anything about it :(
  7. Doesn't it happen when you pit on the same lap as your team mate? Not sure, but I seem to remember this...:unsure:
  8. Gavin Hendley

    Gavin Hendley

    In 2011 there was a bug in co-op, every time you came into the pits during practice you would leave the pits on fresh tyres even though you didn't change them. If you did this a few times you would have no fresh tyres left. But you would notice this in race strategy before the race.
  9. Well i think i have to Save my tires during The Weekend And try to Not destroy Them. Too Early in The Race...
  10. After Prac 3, you get 3 prime tyres and 3 option tyres for Quali and the Race. I usually use one set of primes for both Q1 and Q2, and 1 set of options for Q3. I then have 2 set of primes and 2 of options for the race (plus the set of tyres I started on). Race strategy is all about thinking well in advance about lap time degradation. That's why I run a 10 lap stint on both the prime and option tyres in practice to get a feel for the wear rates. This all depends on the track, weather, etc. It just takes practice.
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